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INFO-656 Machine Learning

3 Credits

Machine learning is a rapidly growing field that develops algorithms for tasks such as data classification and prediction. These algorithms are programmed to operate and adjust themselves independently of human intervention (i.e., to learn), allowing data work to occur quickly and at scale. Machine learning is a key technology behind the automation across many social areas today, often branded Al. This course offers an introduction to machine learning as a practical tool that we can use, and as a technological field with social implications. We will learn about key concepts in machine learning; survey a few key machine learning techniques, such as supervised methods for machine learning (regression and classification), which attempt to map data onto desired outputs, and unsupervised methods (clustering and association), which attempt to find structure within data itself; use openly available tools to implement these techniques on text and image data; learn how to assess the effectiveness of different techniques on particular datasets; and discuss basic issues that confront all machine learning methods