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HMS-201C Lit/Crit Studies-Eng Lang Learners II

3 Credits

  • HMS-201C-01

This is the second course in a two-course sequence, HMS 101C and 201C. In HMS 201C we will continue to build academic and critical reading and writing skills through work with literar, critical, through the stUdy of a variety oftexts including but not limited to, literature, non-fiction, visual texts,film, music, visual art and digital content. We will explore literature and critical theory with a particular thematic focus and continue to work on critical, analytical, and creative thinking as well as academic writing and research skills required in the Core. The students will respond to readings through various expository and interpretive modes. This course is intended for international students and other students who may benefit from English-language learning support. There is a specific focus on developing English language skills.