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LAR-774 Landscape Research II

4 Credits

  • LAR-774-01


    2:00 pm – 4:50 pm

    Higgins Hall South, 008

This is the second course in the Landscape Research Series. The course provides direction and support to students as they consider their own interest in the field, by developing a unique design process and methodology. Students will formulate a cohesive thesis question, refine an area of interest and propose a project using supportive research and case study references. Outcomes will further written, oral, visual and graphic communication through a variety of representational media, critical traditions, and landscape architectural and artistic conventions. Thus, Landscape Research II is designed as a preparatory platform for developing directed research projects, supplemented by periodic review for each individual or group project. The research will lend itself to describing meaningful, actionable design practices in order to answer what design is for, who it serves, what issues it addresses or covers up, its manifold environments and techniques, its spatial politics, and its desired outcomes.