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LAR-602 Land Studio II: Shore

5 Credits

  • LAR-602-01

    Monday, Thursday

    2:00 pm – 5:50 pm

    Higgins Hall South, 006

The second semester core studio refines the scope of regional design, with a focus on the urbanized shores of the North Atlantic. Rather than sea-level rise, the focus turns to landward migration of the shore, which is why the term 'adaptation' is central to Land Studio II. Other keywords include relocation, retreat and rewilding as critical 21st century design propositions, policy recommendations and management strategies. The effcts of ocean and atmospheric warming are widespread where fixed infrastructure lines, settlement patterns and recreational economies evolve with the geomorphic setting of salt marshes, beaches, dunes. Students gain first hand experience with the winds, waves, tides and currents that modify the shore in order to overcome the assumptions of hardening techniques and design living shorelines. This studio works closely with LAR 632.