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COMD-101S Introduction to Digital Illustration

2 Credits

  • COMD-101S-01

    Monday, Thursday

    9:30 am – 4:20 pm

    Engineering Building, 205

  • COMD-101S-02

    Tuesday, Friday

    9:30 am – 4:30 pm

    Engineering Building, 205

This introductory course explores ways to tell a story through creating digital images that communicate new ideas for commercial purposes. The world of illustration has moved rapidly into the new millennium. The computer has created countless new and exciting opportunities for illustrators. In this elective course, students will analyze the current styles employed in today's illustration field and explore directions for the future. Students will develop technical and artistic skills in drawing through life studies, while experimenting with scanning, digital photography, digital animation, and software such as PhotoShop and Flash. Students will be expected to produce finished, professional-level digital work.