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INFO-630 Human-Centered Research Design & Methods

3 Credits

  • INFO-630-01

The course covers the fundamentals of the human-centered research process and prepares students to plan, design, and conduct their own studies. Students in this course will work alongside their instructor and peers as part of a research team for a semesterlong research project. Students will gain hands-on experience with quantitative and qualitative research methods through a design and execution of a project. The concepts of inference, sampling, validity, reliability, research ethics, and inclusive research practices, as well as survey, interview, ethnography, focus group, diary, and other methods will be covered. Students will learn to develop actionable and relevant research questions and choose the best research method to address them. The course will prepare students to critically evaluate research and share findings through compelling stories. This course will be of interest to students who want to hone their research, data analysis and writing skills, as well as students interested in pursuing more advanced degrees.