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PR-840 Historic Preservation Studio II: Preservation, Economic Development

5 Credits

This studio is the program's culmination and provides an opportunity for students to bring together an array of skills and knowledge to address a specific set of challenges based on New York neighborhoods and current issues. The studio begins with classroom and field study and includes meetings with experts and community representatives. This phase of the course is intended to ground students in the neighborhood's history, urban fabric, and current issues. This provides a solid foundation for the second phase, in which the students work in teams under the guidance of an interdisciplinary group of faculty advisors to address the major preservation issues that have been presented. The second phase is carried out under conditions that are intended to simulate the actual conditions of professional practice within the studio context. Students work in multidisciplinary teams and are responsible to private, government, or non-profit clients. Exercises include resource assessments; development analyses; preservation plans; legal, regulatory, and political strategy; and preparing written reports and graphics. The studio ends with students presenting their work to the public.