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ADHM-645P Experimental Media Lab Remix

3 Credits

  • ADHM-645P-01

    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

    10:00 am – 12:50 pm

    Manhattan - W14, 517

Prerequisite: Bachelor's degree in any field or admission by permission of the instructor for students with relevant professional experience.Explore the field of media studies embedded in art and design. Develop conceptual and production skills through a hands on approach to media. Learn to produce digital images, videos, public projects, social media projects, net art, and curated exhibitions. This course is designed for students interested in pursuing graduate level work or anyone seeking to gain an understanding of the media through combined theory and practice in working with still, moving, and interactive formats. Using the idea of appropriation and remix, we will interrogate authorship, originality, and the meaning and value of the new to inform what we make. This course can be taken independently or as part of Pratts Advanced Certificate or MA in Media Studies programs for admitted students in the above program(s). Please note students should bring their own camera.