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ARCH-871HP Everything Change: the Future of Land- Based Learning

3 Credits

In this course, we will study how architectural education can be informed by practices and histories of land-based learning, a term used to describe pedagogic models where curricular material is derived from particular landscapes and informed by the learners' lived experiences. The exploration will begin by appreciating the construction of land itself, in order to shed light on the rise of the term landscape as its attendant theories and design associations. Scattered through our sessions are messy incidents, undomesticated behaviors, and feral relations that embrace everything change, a term associated with the science fiction writer Margaret Atwood. We will unpack land-based learning as a lost practice by connecting to educators in other schools, non-profit organizations, Indigenous groups, unincorporated collectives, and public activists. The outcomes invite students to describe and design a land-based practice that will be collected, and shared with design communities across the country.