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COMD-460 Emerging Practices

3 Credits

  • COMD-460-01

  • COMD-460-02


    3:00 pm – 7:20 pm

    Information Science Center, 105A

  • COMD-460-03


    3:00 pm – 7:20 pm

    Steuben Hall, 409

  • COMD-460-04

Emerging Practices addresses contemporary topics in Design. Design practice is intrinsically connected to socio-political, cultural, technological, economic and philosophical movements. As a result, design practice perpetually evolves in response to the present time. Through exposure to contemporary frameworks as well as hands-on project work, the course explores the changing nature of what designers do and the subjects they engage with. The course’s specific theme and format is defined by the expertise of the faculty member. Sections of Emerging Practices will therefore vary significantly in content while sharing the goal of investigating emerging trends in the discipline