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INFO-685 Digital Analytics: Web, Mobile and Social Media

3 Credits

Cultural institutions embrace digital media and use it as a means to communicate and promote their activities, and also to interact and engage with their audiences. Digital Analytics can help to understand the users and their behaviors on the organization’s website, social media and mobile apps. This course is intended to provide an insight on the digital analytics process and present the steps to define and select metrics that support organizational strategic goals and measure digital success. This course teaches how to use some of the most significant digital analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Facebook Insight or Twitter Analytics. Students will develop skills in the use of these tools, including advances settings, user segmentation, content testing, report automation and dashboard creation. The course covers the entire process, from how to collect data from different platforms to analyze and visualize the date. There is an important practical component where students conduct exercises on how to extract and interpret data to make changes to a website, app or social media activity. Examples are presented to illustrate how to use the different analytics reports in order to provide insights, inform strategy and provide evidence to help the decision making process.