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ARCH-903 Design 3: Speculating on Mediums

5 Credits

The final studio within the MS Arch sequence, this course allows students to develop a culminating project based upon the previous two semester's studio work (from Design Studio I and Design Studio II). The studio emphasizes contemporary and near future speculations into the design of project-based architectural visualization, architectural fabrication and/or those in between. Outputs will range from "undersized architecture" to "oversized products" and explore the disciplinary space between visualization and fabrication. Topics of focus may include (but are not limited to) live architectural rendering, animatronic architecture, pneumatic architecture, luminescent architecture, hydrological and/or horticultural architectures. Students will participate in a final exhibition-like review as well as be required to submit a written document analyzing their work. Projects form this course may be selected for long term installation with a variety of arts organizations and/or collaborative partners of the GAUD.