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ENPR-300 Creative Business Structures: Frame, Make, Sell & Fund

3 Credits

This course presents business as a creative practice. It explores business structures and planning for artists and designers, focused on mindfulness, creativity and planning. It looks at business itself as a creative design medium for artists, designers and creative people to build onto their Pratt education the business skills and the various layers of synthesis, decision-making, and creative problem solving tools necessary to support the economic and structural foundation of their own creative work. This course aims to provide a flexible set of tools to help the interdisciplinary practices and nature of Pratt students working and planning their own business and take their practice to the next level. The goal is for students to leave this class and be able to build sustainable lives and resilient companies, to be able to bring projects to fruition, and to use the tools of business, mindfulness and contemplative inquiry to frame,make, sell and fund their creative practices.