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INFO-642 Content & Information Strategy

3 Credits

Sitting at the intersection of business strategy, technology, user experience design, branding, communications, and publishing, the discipline of content strategy examines the purpose behind content in all manifestations and how that content supports business, institutional, organizational, and user goals. Once solely the province of website development, content strategy has rapidly evolved and now encompasses a much broader set of considerations to address content creation, publication, distribution, and governance across all communications channels within an organization, especially the interplay among digital, social, and traditional (i.e. “print”) media. Designed for information professionals from a variety of backgrounds and specialties, this course will provide students with a broad and solid understanding of the discipline of content strategy. Through a comprehensive and robust series of readings, exercises, simulations, assignments, and discussions, students will gain practical experience in creating and working with the tools, techniques, principles, and processes of content strategy.