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ADE-623 College Teaching: Practicum

3 Credits

  • ADE-623-01


    5:00 pm – 7:50 pm

    Activities Resource Center, E -04

This course examines the theories and practice of teaching and learning in art and design in the context of higher education through research and participant observation in Pratt studios and workshops. This course focuses on studio pedagogy, assessment criteria and methodologies, and studio critique through observation and direct teaching experience. The course will be divided into two parts: a practicum that will allow the students to observe and participate in classes within their home department, and a seminar that will examine contemporary pedagogical approaches and the synthesis of theory and practice in the studios and workshops. Faculty in the School of Art and Design have agreed to host a participant observer and to provide opportunities for observation and direct teaching experience. Student taking this class can expect up to accumulate 15 hours of direct teaching experience under the supervision of the mentor teacher. As teaching is assigned, faculty assigned to the course will observe and offer feedback. The course builds a strong foundation for students interested in teaching at the college level and welcomes students from all majors. It will include fieldwork research, discussion, and project-based work assignments.