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Center For Experimental Structures

William Katavolos

The Center for Experimental Structures was founded by Pratt School of Architecture professors William Katavolos and Haresh Lalvani to bridge the gap between advanced and emerging technologies of building with the making and shaping of architectural structures based on the fundamental principles of design in nature, and beyond.

Many of the structures constructed within the Hydronics and Morphology Laboratories of the Center are the first of their kind in the world. Ongoing projects by the principal faculty include visual mathematics, origins of order, architectural genomics and hyperspace architecture.

The Center for Experimental Structures is unique within schools of architecture and design in the United States. The Center has begun to establish academia-industry links. Students participate in this research through various academic and professional routes. The Undergraduate Architecture Department is offering a minor/concentration in Morphology. CES faculty include Ajmal Aqtash, John Gulliford, William Katavolos, Haresh Lalvani, and Che-Wei Wang.