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Starfish, the Student Success Network, is a Web-based platform used at Pratt to connect students with faculty, staff, advisors, and a number of services throughout the campus.

Students can use Starfish to monitor their progress in any credit-bearing courses they are enrolled in. Starfish also allows students to easily request help, receive follow-up, and schedule appointments to discuss any questions or concerns.

The link for Starfish is on the One Pratt page.  

Student Advocate and Care Coordinator is found under your Student Success Network in Starfish. Students can make a remote or in person appointment with the Advocate through this link;

Starfish is also a retention tool that allows faculty to report to student needs, and facilitates early intervention and collaboration around student support. Faculty can raise flags and referrals in Starfish to alert key support offices to student academic or well-being concerns.

Community Concerns reporting

*More info on this process coming soon* 

*Visual workflow of both processes* 

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