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Current F-1 students, and alumni on OPT or STEM OPT, have the option to transfer their active SEVIS I-20 record to another F-1 sponsoring school within the U.S. To be eligible for transfer-out, you need to be admitted to another F-1 sponsoring school’s academic program. Your new program must begin no later than five months after your last date of attendance at Pratt. 

In the transfer-out process, you will specify your “transfer-release” date, which is the exact date your F-1 SEVIS sponsorship switches electronically from Pratt to your new school.

You will apply for I-20 Transfer Out in your TDS Student Portal. You will need to upload an Admission/Acceptance letter from the new school, which must state which semester or date you will begin your study.


If you are a current student, and you will not be completing your program at Pratt, your transfer release date should usually be after the end date of your current semester, and before your new program begins. This will allow you to complete your current semester at Pratt. You will also need to withdraw academically from Pratt.

If you are trying to transfer your status mid-semester at Pratt, there are academic and financial implications you should consider, and we recommend consulting with an OIA DSO before proceeding. 


If you are graduating from Pratt and planning to begin a new academic program without applying for OPT, you have a sixty day grace period to transfer-out. Your transfer-release date must be after your final semester begins and no later than 60 days later.


You can transfer-out anytime during your valid post-completion OPT or STEM Extension period, though you will forfeit your remaining work authorization. Your transfer-release date should be after you finish employment and no later than 60 days following the end of your EAD. It is critical you verify everything is correct in your SEVP Portal before transferring as it becomes impossible to update information later. 

Special note for STEM Extension: You are also required to submit the I-983 with “Final Evaluation” completed.