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Enrolling with the Learning/Access Center

Registering with the Learning/Access Center

Students who identify as having any type of disability are entitled and encouraged to register with the Learning/Access Center in order to determine and implement reasonable accommodations.

To register with the L/AC, you can email to be directed to the L/AC Accommodations Application. When filling out this form, you will also be asked to upload documentation (see description below). Once you have completed this form, the L/AC will reach out to set up an appointment for a further discussion. If you would like to discuss the process before filling out the form, you can contact the L/AC by phone (718.802.3123) or email ( to request a Welcome Meeting.  

Documentation: In order to become registered with our office we will need some documentation from a provider, which helps give a deeper understanding of the impact of your condition and any recommended accommodations. Please read through the following guidelines for what we look for in documentation: Guidelines. Your provider can write directly in the form and include their license number, or they can submit documentation on their own letterhead. You can also submit previous psychological evaluations, IEP and 504 plans, or similar documentation. If you are unsure or unable to provide documentation at the time of filling out the Application, you can discuss this in the appointment.

During your appointment, you will meet with an L/AC advisor who will answer your questions and who will work with you to identify barriers and set up accommodations. For Housing and Dining accommodations, additional procedures will be discussed as needed.

If you are seeking classroom accommodations, the Faculty Notification process will be discussed during your appointment. The usual process is for the student’s faculty, academic advisor, and department chair to receive an email notification after the accommodations meeting and at the start of following semesters. The L/AC will then work with students and faculty as needed to implement the approved accommodations. For housing and dining accommodations, the student authorizes the L/AC to communicate those accommodations with the relevant offices.

If you wish to upload documentation now, here is the link: Document Upload. 

(If the link above does not work, please copy and paste this link into your browser:

If you are at all unsure about next steps for registering with the L/AC, please contact us at or 718.802.3123. We look forward to working with you!