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Computer Labs Brooklyn

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Technology has always been an essential tool in producing works of art and expression. Pratt Institute recognizes the need to offer current technologies and has computer labs to fulfill the needs of each student and their major. The labs are frequently updated with the latest hardware, software, and specialized printing to aid students in their creative process. Students have full access to knowledgeable and helpful lab staff during their time using any lab resource. 

    Labs Include:

    • 2D Printing Center, Pratt’s centralized output area for color laser, professional photo, and large format printing.
    • 3D Printing Center, a modern and future-forward lab that supports 3D prototyping and object building with a broad selection of materials and processes.
    • Engineering Computer Lab offers an assortment of computer services and contains four Mac and three PC classrooms each with 18 workstations.
    • Foundation Media Lab offers three classrooms, each with 15 Macintosh student workstations that directly support the Foundation Department’s 4-D Design curriculum.
    • Higgins Hall Labs, a two-classroom lab with workstations loaded with advanced software that allows users to create CAD and 3D models.
    • Machinery Computer Lab , has two Mac and two PC classrooms that offer students the ability to create a full-range of communications design projects.
    • Satellite Labs across campus, and offer an assortment of computing services.