Production Labs

Operating across 6 locations within 3 buildings, the School of Design’s Production Labs offer students facilities to support a range of 3D and 2D production needs. Within each of our areas, from the Photo Lab to our 5,000 square-foot SoD Shop, students will find a variety of digital and analog equipment, bookable space or appointment options, and select materials for purchase. Additionally, each area is overseen by knowledgeable support staff who ensure safety and can provide guidance and instructional support.

CNC Lab 

The School of Design’s CNC Lab is open to all currently enrolled School of Design students and active faculty, hybrid and remote.

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. It’s the same process that controls our 3D printers and laser cutters, except that instead of a print head or laser beam, there’s a router used to carve things like wood and plastics. Where the laser cutters are limited to only 2D cutting operations, the vertical, or “Z” axis, of the CNC routers and mills are capable of moving up and down while cutting. This enables 2.5D, using vectors to cut all the way through your material and/or partially through at a different height, and 3D cutting, carving 3D models out of solid material. To know more about how to use the CNC lab please log in here

Knit Lab

The School of Design’s Knit Lab is open to students who have taken/are taking “Power” knitting and have a demonstrated need for digital knitting in their projects. The Knit Lab contains 3 Shima Seiki machines, each with their own capabilities and features.

More information for current students and faculty here.

Laser Lab

The Laser Lab is a digital fabrication facility for laser cutting and engraving within the School of Design. It is open to all currently enrolled students and active faculty in the School of Design.

To use the Laser Lab you must first take a 1 hour certification class. Once you are certified, you can book an appointment to come use the lab. We have three 60-Watt Lasers, which are 18″ x 32″ bed size and can cut materials up to 1/4″ thick. We have one Extra Large laser, 150-Watt, which can take materials up to 24″ x 48″ and 1/2″ thick. More information for current students and faculty here.

SOD Shop

The School of Design Shop is a 5,000 square-foot space dedicated to analog fabrication, including, but not limited to, woodworking, cold forming of metals, plastic fabrication and casting, assembly, and application of spray-based finishes. The shop is available for use by students in the School of Design after successful completion of the five-hour Shop Safety Course, SOD 001. Many sections of this required course are offered at the start of every semester. Successful completion of the course grants you access to the shop for the entirety of your time at Pratt.

In order to maintain a safe shop environment, we monitor active use of the shop and equipment. Walk-ins are permitted, but we recommend reserving a time in advance wherever possible to ensure you have access during our busiest times! More information for current students and faculty here.

Spray booths

School of Design Spray Booths can be found in two locations. Two Spray Booths are located in the Design Center and can be accessed through the SoD Shop (PS108) or through the Assembly Room (PS109). These two Spray Booths are for use with water-based finishes only. Free water-based spray paint is available for use to students enrolled in the School of Design.

A third Spray Booth is located on the Engineering Building’s loading dock, next to ENG 009. You can use both water and oil-based finishes here.

Compressed air line hoses are available for use in both spray facilities to use with spray guns. Please review the following rules set for each of the finishing facilities and speak with a School of Design technician if you have questions. More information for current students and faculty here.

Photo studio

Located in the lower level of the Engineering building the Photo Studio is a professionally set up shooting space open to all currently enrolled students and active faculty in the School of Design.

The studio is divided and set up as two distinct shooting areas. One with a 53” seamless backdrop with a table-top, ideal for product photography and the second with a 107” seamless backdrop, more suited to photograph large products and portraiture. Both spaces are set up with dedicated monolights and reflectors. Studio technicians are available for hands-on technical assistance and advice on best shooting and lighting practices for your individual photo shoot. More information for current students and faculty here.

Imaging Center

Located in the School of Design, the Imaging Center is primarily a print and production resource and facility that employs the latest in print and color management technologies to deliver professional quality prints. We offer Risograph, Laser, Inkjet and custom-paper printing that utilize high vibrancy inks on a variety of substrates and fine-art papers to ensure output is of the highest quality.

Along with print services we also offer scanning, book binding and a variety of equipment rental options to current students in the School of Design. More information for current students and faculty here

Material Lab

The Material Lab is a collaborative research center dedicated to advancing the study of materials at Pratt Institute. Housing over 25,000 unique material samples, the Material Lab’s circulating collection supports haptic design research and facilitates practical discussion about materials grounded in their characteristics, composition, application, and impact. 

Additionally, our community-building initiatives supplement and contextualize our physical collection and include frequent office and studio visits, a lunch-and-learn series, and our annual Material Lab Prize. Through the Material Lab’s expansive resources and programming, student designers establish and refine a material literacy that will guide their design work in and beyond their time at Pratt. More information for current students and faculty here.

To learn more about each area, including location, hours, contact information, and scheduling or submission guidelines log into our resource page.