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Graduation Checklist

Graduation and Commencement are separate events. Graduation refers to the administrative process of awarding your degree. Commencement is the ceremony that celebrates this achievement.

The instructions on this page will guide you through the necessary steps to officially graduate and receive your diploma. Please make sure to read this page in its entirety, in order to not miss any essential steps.

1. Confirm Diploma Address

Your diploma and Grad Pack will be mailed to you. Confirm your mailing address on Student Self Service by May 20. If you can no longer access your Graduation Application, it is most likely because it has already been processed. If you have any difficulties, please reach out to us directly at to confirm your mailing address. 

2. Degree Audit Check

Check in with your academic advisor to ensure that your degree requirements will be met at the end of the semester. Review your degree audit on Student Self Service.

3. Account Balance Review

Certain holds on your account will prevent you from getting your diploma after you have graduated. View your bill in the Finances module on OnePratt to ensure that you will not carry a balance at the end of the semester. Contact Student Financial Services with any inquiries: / 718.636.3599.

Make sure that you return all books and materials borrowed from the library by the end of the semester and pay any fines owed. More information on returning books can be found here. If you have any other questions about library services, materials, or your library account, feel free to contact the library at

Degree Conferral

Pratt officially awards degrees on three dates each year—October 1, February 1, and June 1. There is no ceremony when degrees are conferred on these three dates. Pratt celebrates all recent graduates at a Commencement Ceremony each May. Provided that your degree requirements have been met and you have been cleared by our administrative offices, your diploma will be mailed at the approximate dates below.

Dates and Deadlines

Graduation Term Summer 2021 Fall 2021 Spring 2022 Summer 2022
Submit Graduation Application March 25, 2021 August 25, 2021 December 31, 2021 March 25, 2022
Review Degree Audit with Advisor After registration for summer courses After registration for fall courses After registration for spring courses After registration for summer courses
End of Semester July 30, 2021 December 20, 2021 May 10, 2022 July 29, 2022
Official Graduation Date October 1, 2021 February 1, 2022 June 1, 2022 October 1, 2022
Estimated Diploma Mailing Date During the month of October 2021 During the month of February 2022 During the month of June 2022 During the month of October 2022
Commencement Celebration May 2022 May 2023*

*Summer and fall graduates must attend the Commencement ceremony at the end of the academic year. Students who wish to attend the May 2022 ceremony must submit a Permission to Attend form.

Graduating with Honors and with Distinction

Pratt graduates students with honors, highest honors, and with distinction. This is notated on the diploma and the final official transcript. The Institute does not graduate students cum laude, magna cum laude, or summa cum laude.

Required Final Cumulative GPA

  Associate and Bachelor’s Degrees Master’s Degree
  With Honors With Highest Honors With Distinction
Final Cumulative GPA 3.500 3.750 3.850

Students earning associate and baccalaureate degrees must have earned a final cumulative GPA of 3.500 to be graduated with honors, and a final cumulative GPA of 3.750 to be graduated with highest honors. For graduate degrees to be awarded with distinction, a graduate student must have earned a final cumulative GPA no lower than 3.850 in all work. 

To be considered for honors, highest honors, or distinction, a student must have completed a minimum of 50 percent of degree credits at Pratt. These credits must be earned in semesters evaluated with a GPA.

Permission to Attend Commencement

Students who will not complete their programs until Summer or Fall 2022 may petition to join the 2022 Commencement with a Permission to Attend Form. Approved Permission to Attend students will not have their names printed in the 2022 Commencement program; their names will be printed in the 2023 Commencement program.

The deadline to apply for Permission to Attend is March 14, 2022. Visit the Commencement page for additional information about the ceremony.

Pratt Services

Alumni Engagement

Congratulations to the Class of 2022 – You are now a part of a community of over 63,000 Pratt Alumni around the world. Being a Pratt Alumni opens up a lifetime of opportunities to engage, network, and learn with a creative and connected community.

Please complete this short survey to help us learn more about how to stay connected with you for Pratt Alumni opportunities. 

Here are just some of the many ways to stay connected as Pratt Alumni:

Alumni Benefits: Degree-holding alumni are automatically members of Pratt Institute’s Alumni Association. There is no fee for membership. Benefits include access to museums, digital alumni ID cards, auditing courses, career counseling and much more.

Regional Networks: The mission of Pratt’s Alumni Regional Networks is to advance the educational, cultural, social and professional development of our alumni by providing opportunities for them to connect with each other and the Institute. Connect with other Pratt alumni in your area for fun events, networking opportunities and thought-provoking activities. Check out each region’s page to find out who to contact and what’s going on in your area.

The Black Alumni of Pratt: The Black Alumni of Pratt (BAP) advances scholastic and professional opportunities for Black and Latinx students and alumni by providing scholarships, sharing resources, cultivating an influential network, and utilizing professional contacts. BAP hosts a variety of events for students and alumni in collaboration with organizations and departments across campus and an annual scholarship benefit gala. BAP is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year.

To receive more information, contact

Join BAP on social media:

Find Pratt Alumni Online by following the Pratt Alumni social media pages to learn about upcoming alumni news and events:

For any questions or for more information, email

Center for Career & Professional Development

The Center for Career and Professional Development (CCPD) provides life-long access to career management education, inspiration, and support for students and alumni to develop their full potential as creative practitioners with clarity, competence and confidence.


Learn about scheduling a one-on-one appointment with one of our career advisors.

Preparing to apply and interview
Advisors will meet with you to discuss your cover letter, résumé, portfolios, and interviews. Each aspect of the application process is about deepening a potential employer’s understanding of how you work and what you bring to the table. We’ll work with you to bring out your strengths and skills. 

Career Strategy & Transition
Clarify what types of jobs you are seeking, what tools and resources to utilize, how to network appropriately. This strategy session is akin to a consulting appointment for exploring your career search with full effort. Expect to be assigned tasks such as informational interviewing, rewriting your cover letter, or exploring related fields.

Life Coaching 
Are you ready to identify your goals and map a plan to reach them? Are you ready to hold yourself accountable to accomplish the personal, professional, financial, and creative life you desire and envision for yourself? Do you want to know  your core values and have a better understanding of what may presently be getting in the way of you accomplishing projects, or living a healthier life, developing deeper relationships and basically living your best life?

If you answered yes to these questions, then Life Coaching may be what you are looking for rather than counseling or therapy. Life Coaching is about you in the present and where you want to be in the near and distant future.

Grant, Residency, and Grad School Applications
There are tons of opportunities to continue your studies, work on projects, and develop your skills beyond graduation. Advisors will work with you on developing the skills to research opportunities, articulate your goals and impacts, and align your vision to those reviewing your materials.

MBTI Assessments
You’ve probably heard of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment. The way we use it as simply another tool to help you gain further vocabulary for self understanding. The main MBTI blog does a great job of explaining its application in career development:

“In a nutshell, the MBTI tool provides a great deal of insight into how we’re likely to think, act and interact in a particular work environment–making it useful in career selection–but it isn’t designed to predict how we’ll perform within that environment, making its use in hiring selection inappropriate.” (*from CCP)

Clifton Strengths
Clifton Strengths for Students will give you suggestions for developing and using your strengths in college and in the “real” world. If you understand and apply your strengths, your college journey — and the rest of your life — will be happier, more fulfilling and more successful. When you do more of what you do best, you build your life around your areas of strength.

The US Fulbright Student program offers recent graduates* (up to 8 years) the opportunity to study, conduct independent research, or teach english abroad for an average of 9 months. Applications are typically due in October for travel beginning the summer of the following year. The CCPD advises current students and alumni through the application process.

*You must be a US citizen as the time of application to qualify

Job Search

Students and Alumni can use Pratt Pro to seek an internship, full or part time positions, freelance work, and volunteer opportunities.


The CCPD has a collection of valuable resources on numerous career and professional development subjects. Additionally, you can search a list of online resources categorized by discipline at and topic, including a list of resources for international students.


The CCPD publishes how-to guides to supplement and synthesize useful information to help you in your career development. You can find these items as well as extensive lists of resource links on our blog at

First Destination Grad Survey

You have us for life! 

Your Grad Survey responses keep us informed on the best ways that we can support our alumni and where to place our resources.

Take the Grad Survey online.

Need assistance with your grad survey response? Please email

Health Insurance

Students who have been covered through Pratt’s student health insurer, Aetna Student Health, will be covered through August 17th. At this time, only students enrolled for credit classes at Pratt can continue on the Aetna Student Health plan.

International and OPT students are encouraged to search for and compare different plans. One suggestion is HTH Travel Insurance, which has options for short term plans for international students:

Students and parents are encouraged to review graduation resources online, call the Health Office at Pratt at 718.399.4542, or email if you have further questions or concerns.

Information Technology Softwar/Creative Cloud/Email

Google Suite

Although your time as a Pratt student will come to an end, your Pratt Google account will remain active as an alumnus. You may use Gmail, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and anything else in the Google Suite.


Your Pratt Adobe Creative Cloud account will expire on August 15, 2022. If you have a personal Adobe CC account, Adobe has provided a tool for you to migrate your data to your personal account before you graduate. This option will not be available after August 15, 2022.

Your account will also be deactivated upon graduation. If you have funds left in your account, visit to apply for a refund within 90 days of graduation.

Student discounts

Any student discounts that you once received for Microsoft products will end after your final semester. 

Pratt ID

Your Pratt ID will no longer work in security swipes used to access buildings and spaces across campus after your final semester.


Please see academic tools.

If you have any questions, please contact the Technology Desk at or 718-636-3765.

National Survey of Student Engagement

As a senior, you may have been asked…How is Pratt? 

Take a few minutes to complete the NSSE survey by May 10 to communicate what it’s like to be a student at Pratt and be automatically entered in a random prize drawing.

Office of International Affairs

The Office of International Affairs (OIA) continues to support international student graduates after completion of studies. 

Please contact us at:
Tel: (during business hours) 718-636-3674