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How Should I Start My Graduate Student Engagement Fund (GSEF) Application?

The best approach to starting your GSEF application is by first carefully reading the Application Guidelines and Policies and Funding Guidelines and Policies and then reviewing the accompanying forms.

When are the 2023-2024 GSEF Application Deadlines?

The deadlines for AY 2023-2024 applications are as follows:

  • October 15, 2023
  • March 15, 2024

The deadline Summer 2024 applications are as follows:

  • May 2, 2024
    • The May 2, 2024 deadline for summer projects to be completed by September 15, 2023.
    • Students graduating in May 2024 are not eligible to apply for the May 2, 2024 application deadline as grant funds can only be released to students enrolled at Pratt.
    • Rising second year students who received awards in AY 2023-2024 can apply for the May 2, 2024 deadline, which will count toward AY 2023-2024

Under exceptional circumstances, any applicant(s) needing an expedited review based on deadlines associated with their proposal can request one. Although the Committee will try to accommodate requests for expedited reviews, there is no guarantee that such requests can be honored. No applications will be accepted beyond 11:59 PM EST on the listed deadline date. There will be no exceptions.

How Soon Can I Expect to Hear from GSEF After I’ve Applied?

The Graduate Student Engagement Fund Award Committee will notify applicants regarding the status of the application within four weeks of the application deadline.  

Can I Apply for More than One GSEF Grant?

An individual student cannot apply for more than one individual GSEF grant per year. A student cannot apply for both an individual and joint grant per year.  

My GSEF Proposal Includes Travel. How Do I Budget For My Trip?

When building a travel budget, the Graduate Student Engagement Fund Award Committee recommends consulting online resources offered by General Services Administration (GSA) and the U.S. Department of State to look up average rates of airfares, hotels, and per diems (meals and incidentals). Visit GSA for domestic travel and the U.S. Department of State for international travel rates.

The Graduate Student Engagement Fund will support conference attendance only if the student(s) are presenting at the conference. If presenting, GSEF can cover the conference registration fee, travel to and from the conference, as well as transportation, lodging, and a per diem for meals and incidentals during the conference. GSEF can cover costs through the reimbursement of expenses as they are incurred and/or by issuing a Student Award. See the GSEF Funding Guidelines and Procedures for how to file a reimbursement (Appendix B) or request a Student Award (Appendix C).

My GSEF Proposal Includes Payment To A Visiting Artist. Is There A Maximum Honorarium?

GSEF grants can pay for guests to come and enrich the Pratt community. These guests can be performers, musicians, lecturers, curators, or any other category of creative and/or critical practitioners and scholars. For the purposes of this policy, all guests of this nature will be referred to as Artists. The maximum honorarium GSEF will fund is $500 per lecture or visit. An Artist cannot be brought to campus as part of academic coursework. See Appendix A of the GSEF Funding Guidelines and Procedures for how to pay Artists

My GSEF Proposal Includes A Request For Equipment. Will GSEF Fund This Request?

Computer hardware/software, technology equipment, or cameras that are currently at Pratt and can be utilized for your project will not be funded by GSEF. Please consult your home department and the Visual Media Resources to determine if the equipment you need for your project is available at Pratt.

If your project requires equipment unavailable at Pratt or requires equipment utilization outside of Pratt’s policies and user-agreement, GSEF will consider these equipment requests case-by-case.

I’ve Received My Award Letter But Cannot Front The Expenses To Start My Project. How Can I Request Funds?

Awardees who require funds in advance of incurring project expenses, can request to receive their grant via a Student Award.

I’ve Started My Project And Need To Change My Budget Breakdown. Is This Ok?

Small shifts between expenditure categories are permissible as long as they do not change the original goal of the approved project. For large changes to the budget and project, email

My Project Is Costing More Than Expected, Can I Apply For Additional Funding?

GSEF can only reimburse or award up to the total listed in the GSEF Award Letter. Please plan and budget accordingly and email with any questions you may have setting up your budget.

Why Is My Bank Statement Required For The Reimbursement Request Form And Student Award Expense Report?

Like receipts, bank statements offer ‘proof of purchase’ that an expense was incurred by the awardee GSEF is issuing funds to. Statements are required only if the original receipt is missing. When submitting the bank statement in place of a receipt, highlight all transactions for reimbursement with account holder name, address, and last four digits visible and all other personal information blacked out or hidden.

How Should I Request Funding If I Am Working On My Project In July And August Of 2024 And The Funding Deadline Is Listed As June 30, 2024?

If you plan to file for reimbursements, incur your project’s expenses in advance of June 30th, 2024. Otherwise, request a Student Award at least six weeks in advance of travel or by June 30. If you need to pay a third-party after June 30, email

How Long Does It Take To Receive Funds Once Requested?

It can take up to six weeks from the date of paperwork submission to the Office of the Provost for the check to arrive in the mail. Please plan accordingly. For international payments, it can take up to eight weeks to issue payment.

I’ve Requested A Reimbursement Or Student Award And Still Haven’t Received My Check. Who Can I Follow- Up With?

If it’s been six weeks and you still have not received payment, email with your Pratt ID number.

How Can I Share My Work With The Public?

Possible project outputs:

  • Engaging other departments within Pratt Institute to strengthen cross-disciplinary interactions.
  • Lectures for community members to disseminate information learned through your program and/or project.
  • Conversations and town halls conducted around topics related to your project for the Pratt students and members of the community outside Pratt Institute.
  • Workshop series with students and members of the community outside Pratt Institute to share/teach skills acquired through your project.
When Is The GSEF Final Report Due?

The GSEF Final Report is due within 3 months of project end date or by June 30, 2024 to If you receive May 2024 funding for a summer 2024 project, the Final Report is due by December 15, 2024.

I’ve Read All GSEF Guidelines And Procedures And I Still Have Questions. Who Can I Contact?

If you still have questions, email

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