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Fantastic Voyage Age 6

Students explore their imaginations by using a variety of art materials and processes. As children participate in group discussions about their art-making, stories serve as inspiration for projects in collage, painting, drawing, and sculpture.

Adventures in Art Ages 7-8

In this class, children are introduced to a series of projects that may include drawing, painting, 3-D construction, design, and more. Thought-provoking resources inspire young artists as they learn art concepts and build their creative ideas.

Inclusive Art Studio Ages 8-12

This class provides more individual support and encourages social interaction, community building, and self-expression through art making. Offered in collaboration with the Department of Creative Arts Therapy.

Drawn To Stories Ages 9-10

Ideas for visual storytelling, including storyboarding and character development, are explored through drawing and painting. Experimenting with a variety of media and processes, this class encourages innovative approaches to narrative art.

Sculpture Ages 9-10; Ages 11-14

Students learn about the elements of sculpture through explorations in a variety of materials (cardboard, found objects, household recycling, paper, or fabric) while also considering methods of transforming the studio space.

Drawing and Painting Ages 9-10; Ages 11-14

With a blank surface and a selection of media (graphite, charcoal, watercolor or pastel), the options are endless! These classes explore many approaches to drawing and painting, with experimentation and skill-building guiding the students’ investigations. 

Creative Writing Ages 9-10; Ages 11-14

Using inspiring prompts and playful approaches, students will write short stories and poems, which will be included in an end-of-semester publication. Offered in collaboration with The Writing Program. 

Ceramic Construction Ages 11-14

Students will explore and manipulate clay to design, build, and create functional and sculptural ceramic pieces. Creative problem-solving and craft will be emphasized as students learn a variety of construction techniques.

Game Design Ages 11-14 

This class invites students to explore what goes into building a video game. Students will each design and build their own game while we discuss how video games are like and unlike other art forms, and what makes a game interesting, challenging, and fun. (No prior experience with coding is necessary or assumed.) 

Middle School Portfolio Grades 7-8

This course is ideal for students interested in improving their ability to draw from observation and who might be considering applying to portfolio audition high schools. Students will work directly from a variety of still life objects or models using a range of drawing materials: pencil, oil pastel, charcoal and more. The 10-week course offers the opportunity to develop 3-4 projects from observation to strengthen a portfolio. 

Classes for High School Students

Drawing and Painting   Grades 9-12

Students explore many approaches to drawing and painting with a range of materials, processes, and concepts, helping them build a strong and varied portfolio. Students participate in individual and group critiques. 

Film     Grades 9-12

Learn the techniques of narrative and experimental filmmaking by creating a short content film. Utilizing professional DSLR cameras, film equipment, recording devices and professional editing software (Adobe Premiere, Final Cut and iMovie). Students gain an understanding of the filmmaking process working in grouped film crews to create their own independent film upon completion of the semester. Filmmaking is a collaborative art in which everyone’s role is important to the completion of the film. Consistent attendance and active participation in class benefit the finished film as well as enhance the overall class experience for everyone.

Photography   Grades 9-12

Exploring the technical and creative challenges of photography, students will create a portfolio of images focused on various themes. Students will learn processes such as non-toxic direct sun printing to image capture and editing via student’s camera phone, digital point and shoot, or DSLR, while considering both historical and contemporary photographic processes.

Advanced Drawing and Painting Studio Grades 11-12

This class is designed for advanced students looking to develop self-directed drawing and painting projects. Students will work with a range of materials, and processes, to develop and execute ideas. Students will participate in individual and group critiques. Prior experience with drawing and/or painting is highly recommended.

Drawing the Object Grades 9-12

Students learn to use value in conjunction with line to achieve a synthesis of form, space, composition, and content, moving from the fundamentals of linear description to the integration of tone. In the fall semester, this course (ADE 101) meets from 10 AM to 1 PM and is 1 credit (tuition fee: $1153)

Pratt Institute reserves the right to cancel or change any class when circumstances warrant.

“I have taken the same Saturday Art School class since I started in 2nd grade—Drawing and Painting. You’d think I’d get bored after 10 years, but what’s so unique about Pratt is that you can have the same class for 10 years and always learn something new. I have never done the same project twice.”

Saturday Art School student, M. Terhune.