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Faculty Research Fellowships

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Faculty Research Fellowships


Center K-12 Faculty Research Fellowships are designed to recognize efforts by faculty who have, through outreach, extended the Center’s mission and made a significant contribution to the advancement of research related to children and youth, particularly in art, design, and related fields.

The Center K-12’s research areas of interest are:

  • Understanding the causes that create and perpetuate educational inequity in art and design K-12
  • Supporting the development of curriculum for K-12 schools in the areas of art, design, and related fields
  • Contributing to a theoretical understanding of education at the intersections of STEM and design
  • Advocating to close the post-secondary guidance gap faced by high school students in the college seeking process (particularly in art and design)
  • Supporting youth organizing and urban planning
  • Designing for (and with) children
  • Contributing to research on the impacts of social and/or environmental (broadly defined) change on young people’s development

Faculty Research Fellows receive a stipend ($3000 per year) and a paid Undergraduate or Graduate research assistant funded by the Center K-12 for 10 hours/week @ $16/hour for 30 weeks ($4500 per year). Assistants should be entitled to Federal Work Study. 

Projects must be completed, and a report submitted to the Center K-12 office, by the beginning of the fall semester following the academic year the award is given. At the end of the fellowship period (June 30), faculty should submit a poster to the Center K-12 about their project that is to be shared with the community. More details will be sent to selected recipients. 

To Apply

Applicants must be active members of the Pratt full-time, adjunct, or visiting faculty, or Pratt Institute chairpersons/assistant chairpersons, during the award period.

To be eligible, faculty must have completed at least two full semesters of service (the two semesters need not be consecutive). Eligible individuals on sabbatical may apply.

Previous award recipients must wait for a period of one year from prior award year before applying again.

Please find the full 2024-2025 faculty research application here. Completed applications are due July 1, 2024.