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The mission of Pratt’s Center for Art, Design, and Community Engagement K-12 is to increase access to instruction in art and design for young people by leveraging the resources and expertise of the Institute to support school-age children, city-wide public schools, and youth-serving organizations. The Center brings together art, design, and architecture to create meaningful educational exchanges between Pratt faculty and students and schools and community-based organizations that benefit the learning goals of both, as well as advance academic research in K-12 art and design education.

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The Center K–12 can draw on a great deal of positive testimony and anecdotal experience to reinforce its sense of accomplishment—that it is making a difference in the lives of its constituents. But as is the case with most educational and human service programs, amassing hard evidence and measurable effects is much more challenging. The Center K–12, however, opted to embrace that challenge and engaged Arete Consulting to identify measures, define data, and develop a set of surveys to assess its effects, which the Center K–12 began to pilot during the 2015–16 program year. The report provides a first glimpse at the results of that initiative.

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