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DICE Classes: Wednesdays, 4:30-6:30 PM


Integrating critical thinking, design, technology, and social responsibility, students will develop an understanding of the skills and knowledge required in architecture. Through hands-on research, drawing, and modeling, students will explore the architectural design process from the conceptualization of an idea to the building of a finished product. Students will be introduced to analog and digital techniques for designing forms and representing architectural ideas at multiple scales.

Color Our World Grades 9-12 

‘Travel’ around the world to view significant interior and architectural design sites that utilize color and materials to energize performance, move the spirit, or quiet the mind. Students will learn the principles of color theory and practice these concepts using paint and cut paper. For the final project, students will create a 3-D interior model based on color concepts presented in class.

Design Entrepreneurship

This hands-on, project-based course will ask students to identify ways to improve their world and to build marketable design solutions or services. By creating a product and developing a business and marketing plan, students will learn how entrepreneurs transform an idea into a business.

Drawn To Paint

Using a range of paint media, students will develop their knowledge of color and painting skills, while subjects such as the built environment, narrative, and still life serve as inspiration for projects. Investigations will include handling of paint materials, and assignments will explore color mixing, composition, shape, and form.

Drawn To Print

Students will learn how to visually communicate ideas through a combination of drawing and printmaking techniques, transforming drawings into prints (relief prints such as linoleum or monoprints). Focusing on formal design principles such as shape, texture, line, and form, this class seeks to instill aesthetic judgment and the technical expertise needed to take an idea from concept to a finished print.

Fashion And Textile Design

In this class, students will explore various hands-on techniques such as fashion illustration, hand-and-loom weaving, fabric dyeing, and printing. The cycle of fashion and textile design and its production will be investigated while considering the effect it has on the community.

Graphic Design As Activism

Use the tools and processes of graphic design to amplify your voice and build relationships in your neighborhood, your block or your street around issues that matter to you. In this class, students will design and create a variety of handmade and digital artifacts such as posters, signs, sidewalk art, buttons, or flyers.