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Tuition Refund Insurance



REMINDER: If you waive the Tuition Insurance Fee for the Fall term, you are not required to submit a new waiver form for the Spring term. The charge will always be applied to your bill for each term and then waived during the first week of class or 7-10 business days from approval.

At Pratt, we understand that the cost of a private school education is a substantial investment. In view of this expense, and the reality that student withdrawals are sometimes unavoidable, Pratt is offering Tuition Refund Insurance to students and families seeking extra security. Tuition Refund Insurance provides insurance to protect your investment. This Plan is designed to refund 75% of your semester tuition and on-campus room and board when a student withdraws at any time during a semester for covered medical reasons.

Tuition Refund Insurance is available to all Pratt Institute students on an optional basis. This is a private insurance program that supplements Pratt Institute’s published refund policy. At Pratt Institute, depending on the timing of a withdrawal due to medical issues such as illness, accidents, concussions or mental health related issues; there may be circumstances where a student would not receive a refund of all of their tuition and fees. This Plan dramatically enhances the college refund schedule and provides more generous refunds throughout the entire term.

Tuition Refund Insurance provides a refund for tuition, fees and room/board charges, up to the purchased policy limit if a student is unable to complete a semester due to a covered medical reason. 

Tuition Refund Insurance will alleviate full financial loss. The Plan will return 75% of your tuition, fees and campus housing costs and allow you to re-enter college when a term must be repeated. It will provide funds which can reduce your loan obligations under government and private loan programs.

Enrollment And Waivers:

The Tuition Refund Insurance Plan is an opt out plan, therefore enrollment is automatic and you will remain charged if no waiver is processed. If you wish to have the Tuition Insurance Fee removed from your account, you MUST complete an annual online waiver in the Fall semester of each academic year. Once submitted, it will be effective for the full academic year. However, if you are accepted into Pratt beginning in the Spring term and do not want tuition insurance, a waiver is required.

Click Here to Waive Your Tuition Insurance

NOTE: If you submit a Tuition Refund Insurance Waiver for Fall, you DO NOT need to submit a new waiver for Spring. Your approved tuition insurance waiver for Fall will be effective for the full academic year. You will be charged for Spring and it will be waived after the second week of class.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Please follow this link for common questions and answers regarding the Tuition Insurance Plan provided for college students and parents: Tuition Insurance FAQ

Dewar Tuition Refund Insurance Plan

The Pratt Student Tuition Refund Insurance plan is offered by A.W.G. Dewar, Inc. and administered by the insurance broker, Atlantic Specialty Insurance Company. Students are automatically enrolled in the Tuition Refund Insurance plan for the full academic year. A notice will be sent to you within 30 business days after enrollment notifying you of the information necessary to waive (opt out) of the insurance. For inquiries about the tuition refund insurance plan, please contact A.W.G. DEWAR, INC. customer service at 617.774.1555 or


For help navigating the site, or assistance with waiving or enrolling, please contact:

Pratt Institute
Student Financial Services
200 Willoughby Avenue
Myrtle Hall 6th Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11205


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