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Student Health Insurance



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Petition To Add – Student Health Insurance

Students who initially waived the student insurance plan can petition to add coverage if they experience a qualifying event. Qualifying events include:

  • Reaching the age limit of another health insurance plan
  • Loss of health insurance through a marriage or divorce
  • Involuntary loss of coverage from another health insurance plan

A qualifying event does not include a student who is seeking enrollment to gain access to a benefit that was exhausted under their current private insurance plan. If you have experienced a qualifying event and would like to enroll in the medical plan, Haylor, Freyer & Coon, Inc. at 1.866.535.0456.

REMINDER: If you waived or enrolled in the STUDENT HEALTH INSURANCE plan for the Fall term, you are not required to submit a new waiver or enrollment form for Spring. The fee will be reflected or adjusted accordingly by the end of the first week of class or 7-10 business days from approval.

Pratt Institute requires all registered full-time and part-time students to carry health insurance. Student health insurance is offered by Pratt Institute, and all registered students are automatically charged a student health insurance fee, once they are registered for a class. Students who are currently insured under family or private medical insurance may waive (opt out of) the student health insurance plan, thus removing the student health insurance fee from their account. If you do not want to be enrolled in the student health insurance plan because you are already insured, you MUST complete the waiver process to opt out of the student health insurance plan by the deadlines listed above. Registered students who are in need of health insurance may enroll in the student health insurance plan. Please follow the instructions below to either opt out of or enroll in the student health insurance plan.

All Students

If you are covered under private health insurance, do not want to enroll in the student health insurance plan, and wish to have the student health insurance fee removed from your account, you MUST complete a yearly online waiver in the Fall semester. Once submitted, it will be effective for the full academic year.

Returning Students: You must submit an online insurance waiver in the Fall semester for the fee to be removed for the full academic year. Note: If you submitted an insurance waiver for Fall, you DO NOT have to submit a new one for Spring. Your insurance waiver will be effective for the full academic year. The fee will be reviewed from the spring bill after the semester starts.

Aetna Student Health Insurance Plan

The Pratt Student Health Insurance plan is offered by Aetna Student Health and administered by our insurance broker, Haylor, Freyer & Coon, Inc. Students wishing to enroll in the student health insurance plan after the enrollment deadline must visit to complete the enrollment process. Enrollment in Aetna Student Health Insurance is for the full academic year. An insurance ID card will be available to you after your successful enrollment. For all servicing needs related to the student health insurance program, please reach out to our servicing broker, Haylor, Freyer, & Coon, Inc. at 1.866.535.0456 or

Attention all students: Please check your Pratt email regularly. Email notifications will be sent to your Pratt email with instructions and deadlines about the waiver/enrollment process.

How Do I Waive (Opt Out Of) Student Insurance

Enrolling in and waiving of the student health insurance for the academic year begins in mid to late July. Please monitor your myPratt account for emails and dashboard notifications that will give instructions to waive/enroll, and the deadline to do so.


For additional information, please contact:

Pratt Institute
Student Financial Services
200 Willoughby Avenue
Myrtle Hall 6th Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11205


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