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Federal Work Study is a program that is funded by the federal government, and is part of a student’s Financial Aid package. In order for a student to participate in the FWS Program you have to be eligible for Financial Aid and complete the FAFSA and enrolled for at least six (6) credits for the current semester.

Work Study

Federal Work Study and Student Help programs are for students with financial need who must earn an income to offset educational expenses. Over 900 Pratt students, 20 percent the student body work on-campus.

Work study jobs are available to undergraduate and graduate students. Work study offers of hourly pay rates and students are paid bi-weekly.

All assistantships and fellowships originate from each graduate program and are assigned by the graduate program director.


All jobs are posted at the Center for Career and Professional Development website. Off-campus job listings include community service opportunities at nonprofit agencies in the New York City metro area; as well as jobs in the local community and professional opportunities such as freelance art and design jobs.

To prove eligibility to work, students must provide Pratt with documentary evidence of identity (driver’s license, Pratt ID or government photo ID) and US citizenship (US passport, social security card or birth certificate with a seal). Copies are not acceptable. You may request a duplicate of your social security card from the Social Security Administration Office. If you plan to work while at Pratt, please bring the appropriate documentation with you.