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Pratt Institute Refund Policy

For all students, the following course withdrawal penalty schedules apply:

For the Fall and Spring Academic Year:

  • Full Refund: Withdrawal prior to and including the opening day of the term
  • 85% Tuition Refund: Withdrawal from the second through the eighth day of the term
  • 70% Tuition Refund: Withdrawal from the ninth through the 15th day of the term
  • 55% Tuition Refund: Withdrawal from the 16th through the 22nd day of the term
  • No Refund: Withdrawal after the 22nd day of the term

Summer 2024 Refund Policy

  • Prior to and including May 20 : Full Refund
  • May 21—June 1 : 55% Refund
  • After June 1 : No Refund

Winter 2025 Refund Policy

  • Prior to and including December 20, 2024 : Full Refund
  • December 21, 2024 – January 2, 2025 : 55% Refund
  • After January 2, 2025 : No Refund
The Reimbursement Process

All current students will have the opportunity to choose how they want their tuition refund.

Pratt Institute is always looking for ways to accommodate the busy and demanding lives of our students.

You can receive your money in either of these forms:

  • Electronically transfer money to any checking and/or savings account (Direct Deposit Funds available 2–3 days)
  • You may also request your refund to be sent to you via check. Just log in to pick your preference on the Nelnet portal. Make sure you have picked an option as to not delay your refund.

**If no choice is made you will receive a physical check from Nelnet Campus Commerce (this option takes the longest to receive your funds (7–10 days)

Nelnet Campus Commerce Refund

Pratt has partnered with Nelnet Business Solutions to offer student and families quick refund options. In the event of overpayment of tuition and fees, you should select your desired refund disbursement method to prevent any confusion or refunding delays. 

Please log into your secured Pratt account using   (Use your ONE KEY)

  1. Go to Finances
  2. Select  “FA Refund Status”

Upon your first login to the Nelnet Page, you will be required to create an account in order to sign up to track your refund. Next, please use the Refund Button located on the top of the page to manage your desired refund disbursement method in the event you are eligible for a refund.

Please make sure your address is correct in Pratt’s system! You will not be able to change your address here. In order to change your address, please use the change of address form.

If you need further assistance, or see no information concerning your refund on the Nelnet portal,  or have questions and/or concerns, – please contact your personal financial counselor directly. To contact Nelnet directly you call  800-609-8056. 

FSA Credit Balances And Refunds