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Fall Tuition is due August 1, 2024.

Fall Bills will be available online after July 1, 2024.

Spring 2025 Tuition is due December 19, 2024.

Welcome to the start of the Fall 2024 semester. As a student taking exclusively online classes this semester, you are exempt from ALL student fee charges. If you do not want the Student Health Insurance or Tuition Insurance ,you must complete the waiver form.  

Tuition Payment 

Undergraduate students are charged in accordance with their enrollment status. An undergraduate student taking a graduate course applicable to their undergraduate degree is charged the undergraduate tuition rate. 

Graduate students are charged tuition in accordance with their enrollment status and current academic program . If a graduate student is in a regular graduate program and taking  a School of Information  course , they are charged the regular graduate tuition rate. If a School of Information student is taking a regular graduate course they are  charged the SILS rate. If a graduate student is taking an undergraduate course, they are charged the graduate tuition rate.

Terms Of Payment

Pratt Institute will no longer accept debit/credit cards directly in-person, by mail, fax, or over the phone for payment of tuition, housing, meal plan, and fees. However, debit/credit cards can be used to pay online through Point & Pay via your MyPratt Portal account.

Point & Pay is an independent third party processor who accepts credit card payments and charges a non-refundable convenience fee based on the amount charged. Credit card payments will incur a fee of 2.5% PER TRANSACTION which is assessed by Point & Pay our third party payment processor and not Pratt. The convenience fee is paid in full to and retained by Point & Pay and Pratt Institute does not receive any of this fee. The charge for the convenience fee will appear separately from the payment on your card statement. To make a debit/credit card payment, log in to the portal using your credentials as instructed below.

In order to help mitigate the spread of Coronavirus,  and be as safe as possible, we will no longer be accepting cash.

Log in with your OneKey at

  1. Go to Finances
  2. Choose whether you want to “View Your Bill”, “” Pay Your Bill” or any of the other options listed.

Student Financial Services provides full service at the window during normal business hours. All paper checks must be payable to Pratt Institute in U.S. dollars and drawn on a U.S. bank. Please include your student ID number on the check. We do not accept foreign coins or currency for payment.


FlyWire (For International Students—International Wires)

Pratt Institute has recently partnered with FlyWire to offer an innovative way to streamline your international tuition payments. Developed by an international student, FlyWire offers a simple, secure and cost-effective method for transferring and processing education payments in foreign currencies.

By offering favorable conversion rates unmatched by larger financial institutions, FlyWire enables our international students to pay from any country and any bank while saving a significant amount of money on their payments to us. Furthermore, students will be able to track the progress of their payment throughout the transfer process which will reduce incoming phone calls. Because FlyWire captures all the student information at the time of payment, our students will be alerted when their payment is received. FlyWire provides an online dashboard that will help us in identifying your funds.  

You may access this information via MyPratt or you can find the link to the FlyWire solution at

Please remember: The funds are transferred and your country will determine if there is a need for you to initiate the wire transfer in person at your local bank. The funds typically take 5–7 business days to receive.

Funds received in excess of tuition from Flywire will be returned via Flywire.


Student Financial Services (SFS) is committed to assisting students in meeting the cost of a college education. Financial aid has helped millions of students pay for their education beyond high school. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is the key to some of the best resources available to you to fund your education. Therefore, it is important to complete the FAFSA by March 1 annually. We want our students to take advantage of all the grants, loans, and work-study opportunities available to them. Should you need assistance, your designated SFS Counselor is ready and eager to assist you with navigating through the financial aid process.

We hope the information provided will answer questions asked by most financial aid recipients. Financial Aid at Pratt is awarded on the basis of an academic year (award period). Most financial aid is disbursed in two equal payments over the award period.

The Funds Will Be Sent No Later Than 14 Calendar Days After The Term Begins And/or The Credit Appears On Your Account.

Plus Loans processed require a separate authorization from the parent who borrowed the loan in order to release the excess funds to the student. Students are responsible for payment of tuition and fees incurred after any credit balance refund has been released (i.e. changes in registration and/or meal plans or residence hall fees). Credit balance refund distributions are made in accordance with applicable federal guidelines.

A separate Authorization is required from a student/parent in order for Pratt to hold the excess funds on a student’s account to pay non-institutional charges, future semester institutional charges within the same award year the excess funds derived from (i.e.  Excess funds derived from fall’s Title IV funds to pay for spring’s semester charges), and/ or to pay minor charges, not exceeding $200, from a prior semester(s).

Refunds are released to eligible students within 14 days after the term begins and/or the credit appears on your account. You must participate in your coursework to establish eligibility in order to continue to receive federal aid. Failure to participate in academically related activities will result in loss of eligibility of aid for all or part of the term. Disbursements may be delayed if you do not meet satisfactory academic progress for a prior term or there are incomplete files with the  Student Financial Services office.

A student will be liable for any portion of a refund received, or greater, should there be any billing adjustments to a semester’s registration, housing, meal plan, miscellaneous charges, and/or financial award amounts.

Nelnet Campus Commerce Refund

Pratt has partnered with Nelnet Business Solutions to offer student and families quick refund options. In the event of overpayment of tuition and fees, you should select your desired refund disbursement method to prevent any confusion or refunding delays. 

Please log into your secured Pratt account using   (Use your ONE KEY)

  1. Go to Finances
  2. Select  “FA Refund Status”

Upon your first login to the Nelnet Page, you will be required to create an account in order to sign up to track your refund. Next, please use the Refund Button located on the top of the page to manage your desired refund disbursement method in the event you are eligible for a refund.

Please make sure your address is correct in Pratt’s system! You will not be able to change your address here. In order to change your address, please use change of address form

If you need further assistance, have questions and/or concerns, – please contact your personal financial counselor directly. To contact Nelnet directly you call   800-609-8056.

Nelnet Campus Commerce Payment Plan

We have completed our merger from TMS to the Nelnet Campus Commerce Payment Plan. While it looks different, the payment plan is the same.

For security reasons, you will sign up for the payment plan through the one.pratt portal.

For your convenience, you may divide your payments into 3, 4, 5 monthly installments. The cost to join the tuition installment plan is $115 per semester. For further information about the plan you can contact Nelnet directly at  800-609-8056. The Nelnet plan is not available for summer school.

To learn about and sign up for the payment plan you may use this link  

Please take the time to read the information concerning adding parents or third parties as authorized users.

The Nelnet payment is accessed through the portal.

1. Log into your Pratt account using  (Use your ONE KEY)

2. Go to Finances

3. Select Nelnet Payment Plan 

4. Fill in the necessary information. ( you will be required to create an account before you move forward)

Collection Corner

If you have an outstanding tuition balance and if payment in full or payment arrangements are not made, your outstanding tuition balance will be referred to a collection agency. Once the account is referred to an outside collection agency it is then the student’s responsibility to contact the collection agency for arrangements to resolve their debt.

For those students who are on Bursar Hold, due to an outstanding tuition balance, payment in full must be received in order to receive an official transcript, a diploma, or participate in any future registrations. If you have any further questions, please contact Derrick Ligon, Accounts Receivable Manager, in the Student Financial Services office at 718.230.6881 or

Email Notification is Sent Regarding Bills

A “billing” address may be established, changed, or deleted at any time by writing or visiting the Office of the Registrar.

Semester bills are available primarily online and only mailed upon request. The “billing” address is maintained separately for the Student Financial Services office and is not affected by changing the “permanent” or “local” addresses. You must inform the Registrar’s Office in writing of any address changes. The most current billing information can always be found online at If you have not done so, please give access to your parents using the Proxy Module located