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Wellness And Wellbeing Projects

The resilience council aspires to create a culture of resilience, wellness and wellbeing at Pratt. The students, faculty and staff should be able to find wellbeing resources and create well at Pratt. Through these ongoing projects mentioned below, we hope to achieve our goal of creating a flourishing environment at Pratt for all its members.

Well-being Guidebook 
We wanted to introduce the Pratt community to mindfulness, contemplative practices, and resilience. Therefore we decided to create a wellbeing guidebook that  will be a “living” resource for the Pratt community including how to begin understanding and implementing well-being into the classroom and/or their studio/workspace. 

  • Faculty Guidebook
    With the input and expertise from the Resilience Council, we created the faculty guidebook which includes mindfulness practices, Resilience and Positive Pedagogy and techniques to implement wellbeing in the classroom/studio. We hope to make the faculty guidebook available to all faculty by Fall 2021.
  • Staff Guidebook
    Creation of the faculty guidebook inspired the resilience council to create for staff. If you are interesting in being a part of this project, email us at

1-Credit course The Art of Well-being to develop student leaders
We believe that small shifts in living and learning could make a major difference in improving the student experience. Therefore we decided to create a course focusing on wellness, well-being, and resilience for students by students. We formed a group of 5 students to develop the values and mission of the course  and we will be collaborating with fellow members of the RWW Council to finalize course objectives and learning outcomes.  This one credit course will be a part of the Integrative Mind and Body Program under the School of Continuing and Professional Studies, developed with funding awarded by the  American College Health Foundation.

Open spaces for the Art Therapy
We are in the process of creating open spaces for the Art Therapy students to lead practice in. Currently we have an Open Studio group owned by the Art Therapy department, with minimal administrative impact from Counseling. This group runs as a process group every Friday evening led by three students with supervision from professors. We aspire to create a fully fledged partnership with the Counseling Center, which would require a number of legal and supervisory shifts and permissions.  The idea of the Open Studio is to exist as a standing space that will not be dependent on any individual group or clinician. Alternately the open studio therapy model could be integrated into other academic departments in the Pratt community.

How to series
Faculty, staff and students at Pratt have struggled to find resources that suit their lifestyle and schedule. They want to start with personal wellbeing but do not know where to go or how to start. Therefore we decided to create a ‘How to series’  to introduce Pratt community to various wellness and wellbeing practices.

Here are some of the practices we have created so far