Autonomous House : India Proposal

The objective of proposed design is to re-innovate the previously successful structure in order to adapt to foreign conditions in India. We wish to build this structure as a permanent aggregation that examines the structural, mechanical system and food cycle in a campus town in India. The ultimate goal is to be able to create a self-sustaining house that employs techniques that allow for algae production and eventually distribution for sale, flexible PVs, and hydroponic growing of fruits, flowers and vegetables. The hexagonal structure employs spatial separation made of polymeric plastic heat-sealed bags containing water. As for structures, it uses a combination of metal beams and PVC pipes bolted together. The project’s roof utilizes one feet deep water-filled plastic against UV degradation along with the study of night sky radiation.


Project Designer: Bill Katavolos

Student Research Assistant: Shuai Peng

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