The Hydronics Lab at the Center for Experimental Structures is creating environmental strategies that can create right from a wrong. Plastic wastes that collect in the ocean are a wrong, what is wrong with the wrong is that plastics surrounding by water will never degrade from ultra violate radiation.

What is right with this wrong is that a low cost architecture that encapsulates water and is covered by water will never degrade through ultraviolet radiation and instead the encapsulation becomes a solar collector and a night sky heat rejecter.

Related wrong is that people who live in close proximity to traffic noise and diesel fuels have a much higher rate of dementia. What is wrong with wrong is that people moved to edge of highways because of the low cost of the land, what is right with this wrong is that it allows us to live in liquid green space that produce food, fuel, and pharmaceutical increasing the value and without increasing its cost. The liquid house farm becomes the acoustical barrier from street noise and pollution. Workable “Walden” can produce profit without impairing appearance.

Student: Seung-Hoon Lee

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