My fieldwork residency involved collecting the oral histories of family members, family friends, and other willing Chicagoans that participated in the Great Migration.

My objective is to gain an understanding of internal migration, its impact and apply that to the work in my manuscript. I interviewed my grandmother, great-aunt, and great-uncle. The Great Migration was the largest internal migration in the United States. It was precipitated by the realities of the hostile and violent climate of the post-Civil War/Jim Crow South. It can be argued (and has been argued) that the Black Americans who participated in the Great Migration were acting as refugees within their own country. I think that historical narrative is important in our current political reality. Further, the Great Migration had an uncomparable impact on the cities to which Black Americans flocked to. This project was undertaken to record this narrative for its historical importance and to inform my thesis work. For this project, I have used my digital media skills. The collected interviews and documentation will be available on my site: