Black—With One White Glove (1950-51)

Lillian Bassman (Illustration, Alumna)

Black--With One White Glove, Harper's Bazaar, (1950-51), silver gelatin print
(c) Lillian Bassman

Bassman's enigmatic yet alluring photographs of women in lingerie created complex narratives out of items that had up to this point been only represented in magazines as serviceable foundation garments. Vanity Fair called her one of the "grand masters" of 20th-century fashion photography.

Haresh Lalvani / John Gulliford 2015-2016

Our on-going experiment in robotic fabrication of curved surfaces is continuing with the intention of scaling up to building components. We show three examples. A 5-axis robot has been retrofitted with a small router to enable and extend our ability to physically explore minimal surface geometries. These continuously curved forms can be broken into fabricable parts which when assembled visually dissolve the construction logic to build a seamless surface as shown with Fischer-Koch S surface (1-3) or two of Schoen’s S surfaces (4-6). These physical experiments demonstrate that larger aggregates can be constructed and 3D-printed to study them. Our objective is to explore how these milled forms can become molds for using new materials (currently, carbon fiber) and develop new structural systems.

Students: Seung-Hoon Lee, Robinson Strong, Daniel Rodriguez

Haresh Lalvani / John Gulliford
Haresh Lalvani / John Gulliford
Haresh Lalvani / John Gulliford
Haresh Lalvani / John Gulliford
Haresh Lalvani / John Gulliford
Haresh Lalvani / John Gulliford

MHDEA 2017 - Peiye Yang, Professor Carrie McKnelly

MHDEA 2017 - Peiye Yang, Professor Carrie McKnelly

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YenYen Chou, Fine Arts, Painting and Drawing MFA ’18

Work by YenYen Chou

PIC 394 - Worldbuilding: The Gaming of Architecture

PIC 394 - worldbuilding: The gaming of architecture

Fictional cities emerge in response to restraints of a given place or movement and are often depicted in films and games as sites of radical representational transformation. Students will use the platform of gaming to speculate on fictional designs within NYC. The course begins through mapping (ex. food, economies) and results in a board game and 360 narrative to play out a number of potential outcomes of a city within a set of new rules.

Instructors: Basem Aly and Michele Gorman 

Read the full list of PIC classes.

PIC 394 - worldbuilding: the gaming of architecture poster

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If You Give a Mouse a Cookie (1985)

Laura Numeroff (Fine Arts, Alumna)

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie (1985)
Published by HarperCollins Children's Books, jacket art and illustrations (c) 2010 by Felicia Bond; text (c) 2010 by Laura Numeroff

A New York Times bestseller, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie launched Numeroff’s beloved series, and has been included on the New York Public Library’s list of “100 Picture Books Everyone Should Know.”

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Ralph Appelbaum (Industrial Design, Alumnus)

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington, D.C. (1993), United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Appelbaum’s exhibition design for the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum was recognized with the 1997 Presidential Award for Design Excellence, an award that honors those projects that represent the highest standards of federal design in architecture, design, and engineering. The design interprets the Holocaust for the American public through artifacts and oral testimonies woven together with photographic and other documentary evidence.

August Warhall, Fine Arts, Jewelry BFA ‘19

August Warhall

Tight Rope Exercise

Andrew Jarman

An image from the Evolutionary Games Infographic Project

Evolutionary Games Infographic project photo, prisoner's dilemma, results

An image from the Evolutionary Games Infographic Project, developed by Dr. Jensen in collaboration with a Pratt Communications Design graduate student, shows the possible results of the prisoner’s dilemma.

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Dr. Jensen brings evolutionary and ecological science to the public through the WmD Project

Dr. Jensen brings evolutionary and ecological science to the public through the WmD Project.Dr. Jensen brings evolutionary and ecological science to the public through the WmD Project.

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Alireza Kabiri

Alireza Kabiri

Anushree Patel

Anushree Patel

Hanyang Zhou

Hanyang Zhou

Li Chen (BFA Interior Design ’16)

[Behance]      [LinkedIn] 

Li Chen

Bryan Cabrera Perez, Fine Arts, Painting BFA ’18

Work by Bryan Cabrera Perez

Matt Kleberg, Fine Arts, Painting and Drawing (MFA ‘15)

Matt Kleberg

Senior Collection

Whitney Mills

Fine Arts

Pratt Shows 2016

M.F.A. Exhibitions

An exhibition of selected works by second-year M.F.A. students curated by Daniel S. Palmer

April 8–17
Reception: Friday, April 8, 7–9 PM

The Boiler
191 North 14th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11249

Gallery Hours: Tuesday–Sunday, 12–6 PM

An M.F.A. exhibition of work by all second-year graduate students will be on view in the Schafler Gallery on Pratt’s Brooklyn campus. 

June 6–September 5
Post Pratt Alumni Discussion, Thursday, September 1, 6–8 PM

Throughout the spring semester, M.F.A. thesis exhibitions will be held in Steuben and DeKalb Galleries on Pratt’s Brooklyn Campus.

B.F.A. Exhibitions


March 21–30, Reception: Monday, March 21, 5–8 PM


April 5–13, Reception: Monday, April 4, 5–8 PM

Sculpture Section I 

April 18–27, Reception: Monday, April 18, 5–8 PM

Sculpture Section II

May 2–12, Reception: Monday, May 2, 5–8 PM

The Rubelle and Norman Schafler Gallery
Chemistry Building, First Floor
Pratt Brooklyn Campus, 200 Willoughby Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11205

Drawing and Painting

B.F.A. thesis exhibitions for Drawing and Painting will be held in East Hall Gallery throughout the spring semester.


April 6–10, Reception: Monday, April 4, 5–7 PM

Pratt Studios
Pratt Brooklyn Campus, 200 Willoughby Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11205

Image: Brittany Baldwin (M.F.A. ’16)

Graduate Architecture

Graduate Architecture

Pratt Young Scholar Student/DICE - Age 16

Pratt Young Scholar Student/DICE - Age 16

Selin Sonmez (BID Industrial Design ’16)

[Website]      [LinkedIn] 

Selin Sonmez

Selin Sonmez

Selin Sonmez

Selin Sonmez

Selin Sonmez

Selin Sonmez

Philips Bug-A-Way

Eri Miyagi

Michelle Chung (BID Industrial Design ’16)

[Website]      [Behance]      [LinkedIn]

Michelle Chung

Rachel Cohen, Fine Arts, Painting and Drawing (MFA ‘18)

Work by Rachel Cohen

Sindhura Vanamamlai

Sindhura Vanamamlai


Ariel Davis

Wei Chu Chen

Wei Chu Chen

Urban Archaeology, Franklin Street Store (2009)

Judith Stockman (Interior Design, Alumna and Faculty)

Urban Archaeology, Franklin Street Store, (2009)
Urban Archaeology

With the opening of this leading design resource’s original showroom in 1978, Urban Archaeology—led by longtime collaborators Judith Stockman and her husband Gil Shapiro—introduced the beauty of “urban salvage” to the American home. In addition to rescuing and restoring historic architectural fixtures, Urban Archaeology’s design studio, overseen by creative director Stockman, manufactures award-winning lighting, furnishings, tiles, and mosaics.

Collection House: a Universal Residence

Subin Lee (BFA Interior Design ’15)

The team finds a dangerous-looking scorpion hiding inside of a bamboo shaft

scorpion in bamboo shaft, Dr. Greg Pohland, Dr. Peter MullenAlong with collaborators Dr. Georg Pohland (in green) and Dr. Peter Mullen (in white), the team finds a dangerous-looking scorpion hiding inside of a bamboo shaft.

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Antonyms: Letterform Design (2014)

Nicola Householder, Foundation Light Color and Design, class of 2017

Wen Chung Wang

Wen Chung Wang

Vicky Mo (MS Interior Design ’16)

[Website]      [LinkedIn] 

Vicky Mo

Vicky Mo

Yeonho Jung, Fine Arts, Sculpture (MFA ‘18)

Work by Yeonho Jung

Last Conversation Piece (1994-1995)

Juan Munoz (Printmaking, Alumnus)

Last Conversation Piece, (1994-1995), bronze, 66 1/2 x 244 3/4 x 321 1/8 in. (168.9 x 621.7 x 815.7 cm) as installed
Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Smithsonian Institution, Museum Purchase, 1995. Photography by Lee Stalsworth.

In the final work of Muñoz’s acclaimed five-part series, expressively rendered, life-size figures placed on the grounds of the Hirschhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden appear to the viewer to be engaged in a fraught, enigmatic encounter. According to Muñoz scholar Alex Potts, “The somewhat unsettling combination of theatre and sculpture in Muñoz’s work produces a scenario where action and stasis, and presence and void, vie with one another.”

GAUD Havana Program

GAUD Havana Program

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Alison Dyer (BFA Communications Design (Graphic Design) ’17)

[Website]      [Behance]      [LinkedIn]

Alison Dyer (BFA Communications Design (Graphic Design) ’17)

“Untitled” (Golden) (1995)

Flix Gonzlez-Torres (Photography, Alumnus)

"Untitled" (Golden), (1995), strands of beads and hanging device

A shimmering curtain of gilded beads invites the viewer's both visual and tactile engagement.  González-Torres, who was also well known for his political activism before his early death from AIDS at age 38, transformed art making and experience into an intimate collaboration of artist and viewer. Félix González-Torres represented America posthumously at the Venice Biennale in 2007.

Penny Engbring, Fine Arts, Printmaking, BFA ’18

Penny Engbring, Fine Arts, Printmaking, BFA ’18

Francisco Moreno Gallegos

Francisco Moreno Gallegos

Pratt Chair (no.3) (1984)

Gaetano Pesce (Architecture, Faculty)

Pratt Chair (no.3), (1984), Urethane resin, 34 x 31 1/2 x 24" (86.4 x 54.6 x 61 cm). Tracy Gardner Purchase Fund and Rob Beyer Purchase Fund.
Digital Image (c) The Museum of Modern Art/Licensed by SCALA/Art Resource, NY. The Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY, U.S.A.

Pratt Institute commissioned Pesce, a celebrated architect and designer, to create nine chairs that used varying densities of urethane resin as construction material. Third in the series, this warped and pliable chair becomes a cerebral challenge to the understanding of function, form, and experience.

Light, Color, and Design


Marilyn (Vanitas) (1977)

Audrey Flack (Fine Arts, Alumna)

Marilyn (Vanitas), 1977, oil over acrylic on canvas
Collection of The University of Arizona Museum of Art & Archive of Visual Arts, Tucson

Flack, a pioneering artist of the photorealism movement, deploys her mastery of tromp l’oeil to depict a layered assortment of objects that are associated with the actress Marilyn Monroe. The work was included in the seminal exhibition “WACK! Art and the Feminist Revolution.”

Kawasaki MK9 Sport GT motorcycle (1996)

Andrew Serbinski (Industrial Design, Alumnus)

Kawasaki MK9 Sport GT motorcycle (1996)
Photo: Mark Jenkinson. Courtesy of Andrew Serbinski.

Owner of MachineArt Industrial Design, Serbinski created his own version of Kawasaki’s sport bike to show how design could substantially improve the performance and appeal of the manufacturer’s model. The concept bike won an IDEA Gold Award from the Industrial Designers Society of America in 1996.

Uomo (1988)

Sheila Metzner (Visual Communication), Alumna

Uomo, (1988, Fresson print)

Metzner’s enigmatic lovers became the centerpiece of Fendi’s print campaign for the launch of their first men’s perfume, Fendi Uomo. The soft, but brilliant coloring is the result of Metzner’s use of the Fresson process, a technique invented in France in 1900 and only rarely studied by American artists. The photograph was featured in Metzner’s first solo American museum exhibition at the International Center of Photography in 1991.

GAUD Havana Program

GAUD Havana Program

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Mel Luna, Fine Arts, Painting BFA ‘19

Mel Luna

Enemy Ace: War Idyll (1998)

George Pratt (Fine Arts, Alumnus and Faculty)

Enemy Ace: War Idyll, (1998)
(tm) & DC Comics

Pratt’s graphic novel examines the mental anguish and emotional despair that afflicts war veterans throughout their lives. Translated into nine languages, the novel was also nominated for both the Eisner Award and Harvey Award for Best Graphic Novel.

Shangqing Yang + Sunah Choi+ Ludan Lai

Shangqing Yang + Sunah Choi+ Ludan Lai

Student: Shangqing Yang + Sunah Choi+ Ludan Lai
Instructor: Kutan Ayata
2nd year

Male and Female Models on a Kilim Rug (1978)

Philip Pearlstein (Fine Arts, Faculty)

Male and Female Models on a Kilim Rug (1978)
acrylic on canvas, 152.4 x 182.88 cm (60 x 72 in). Charles B. Benenson, B.A. 1933, Collection. 2006.52.45
Yale University Art Gallery/Art Resource, NY. Yale University Art Gallery, New Haven, Connecticut, U.S.A.

Pearlstein’s carefully observed rendering of a man and woman in the nude emphasizes the artist’s interest in dynamic figuration that is divorced from a clear narrative or sensual connotation. A Modernist painter who has devoted his attention to the human figure, Pearlstein has been at the forefront of the revival of realism in contemporary art.

Jeremy Cembrano

Jeremy Cembrano

Student: Jeremy Cembrano
Faculty: Jason Vigneri-Beane

Brick Bands

Joel Seigle (B.I.D. ’13)

Silicone Bands to transform bricks into door stops

Course: Product Design (Fall 2012)
Instructor: Robert Langhorn

MHDEA 2015 - Daniel Keller, Professor Dragana Zoric

MHDEA 2015 - Daniel Keller, Professor Dragana Zoric

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Shuoyuan Bai

Having Our Say: The Delany Sisters’ First 100 Years (1993)

Sarah Louise Delany (Domestic Science, Alumna)

Having Our Say: The Delany Sisters' First 100 Years, (1993)

The recollections of centenarian sisters Sara Louise and Annie Elizabeth Delany are the basis of this New York Times best-selling memoir that follows their lived experience of the post-Reconstruction South and the Harlem Renaissance, as well as their careers as pioneering female African-American professionals. Sarah Louise, also known as Sadie, earned her associate’s degree from Pratt, and went on to become the first African American teacher of domestic science in New York.

Fall 2015 Advanced Option Studio - Students: Sandra Berdick, CJ Rabey

Work by Sandra Berdick, CJ Rabey

Fall 2015 Advanced Option Studio
Students: Sandra Berdick, CJ Rabey
Instructor: Hina Jamelle

Jacqueline Hsiao (BID Industrial Design ’17)

[Website]      [LinkedIn]

Jacqueline Hsiao (BID Industrial Design ’17)

Jacqueline Hsiao (BID Industrial Design ’17)

Jacqueline Hsiao (BID Industrial Design ’17)

Alexandra Price, Fine Arts, Painting and Drawing MFA ’16

Alexandra Price

Kendall Konenkamp (BFA Communications Design ‘17)

[Website]      [LinkedIn]      [Behance]

Kendall Konenkamp

Kendall Konenkamp

Kendall Konenkamp

Kendall Konenkamp

Tommy Baldwin

Tommy Baldwin

Tommy Baldwin

Tommy Baldwin

Tommy Baldwin

Hannah Brandt

Grace Jones

Kelly “Kiki” Falconer (AOS DDIM ’14)

Media: Digital (Illustrator)

The Crisis (1923)

Gwendolyn Bennett (Fine Arts, Alumna)

The Crisis, (1923), cover art

Bennett was still a student at Pratt when she made her first contribution to the NAACP journal dedicated to civil rights, history, politics, and the arts. Bennett’s drawings, poetry, and literary columns for The CrisisOpportunity, and many other major publications made her a vital force in the Harlem Renaissance.

Sasiri Siripakorn (MS Interior Design ’16)

[Behance]      [LinkedIn]

Sasiri Siripakorn

Marc Youakim (MS Interior Design ’16)

[Website]      [LinkedIn]

Marc Youakim

Hannah Desk System (1986)

Bruce Hannah (Industrial Design, Alumnus andFaculty)

Hannah Desk System, (1986)
(c) Knoll, Inc.

This modular desk system for the office-furniture company Knoll won a 1990 Industrial Design Society of America (IDSA) Design of the Decade award for its innovative modular units, which allowed workers to configure their own office space.

RADCAT! Radical Cataloging & Why it Matters

Annelise Ream, Andrew Wong-Crocitto, and Leah Honor

Poster created by students Annelise Ream, Andrew Wong-Crocitto, and Leah Honor for class presentation on radical cataloging. Highlights political biases in LCSH, religious alternatives to the flawed DDC 200 class, and how incorporating web 2.0 concepts is affecting cataloging.

Helen Warren, Fine Arts, Printmaking, BFA ’18

Helen Warren, Fine Arts, Printmaking, BFA ’18

Live/ Work

Dana Suster (MS Interior Design ’15)

Undergraduate Industrial Design - Park

Woojin Park

Retro ipad dock. Inspiration from Dieter Rams and record players.
Materials Used: bluefoam, acrylic, perforated mesh.
Prototype class, Professor Melissa Skluracek

Wendy Klemperer - Lions at the Gate




The pervading imagery of Klemperer's work reflects a lifelong fascination with animals. Her large-scale sculptures are often constructed from salvaged industrial refuse ravaged by demolition, transformed to contain energy and new life. The welding process is reminiscent of a gesture drawing—the skeletal, steel lines contain both presence and absence. The body language of these animals expresses a feeling or state of being, with motion conveying emotion. Lions at the Gate references heraldic lions, from medieval times back to the lion gate of Mycenae.

Lions At The Gate, Wendy Klemperer

Santiago Giralda, Fine Arts, Painting and Drawing MFA ’19

Santiago Giralda, Fine Arts, Painting and Drawing MFA ’19

The Distant Touch

Jun Chen

Animation Still

Student Level: MFA Thesis

Aura II

Susannah Stark


PrayStation (2001)

Joshua Davis (Art History and Illustration, Alumnus)

PrayStation, (2001), digital art

One of the early artists to experiment with using code to make art, Davis created PrayStationas a sort of digital sketchbook to display new ideas. According to Wired, Davis “pushed JavaScript, Shockwave, and Flash beyond what was thought possible, making static Web pages spring to life . . .” but “it was Davis’s personal sites, like PrayStation. . .that built his rock star rep.”

Lash Glass

Young-Sun Song


Trish Kim

Lu Zhang (MFA ’13)

Graduate Photography

Stairway at JP Stevens (1989)

Myonggi Sul (Environmental Design, Alumna and Faculty)

Stairway at JP Stevens, (1989)
Durston Saylor

As design associate for GN Associates, Sul helped integrate the design offices, showroom, and sales floor of the bedding and towel manufacturer JP Stevens in order to facilitate better collaboration among the departments. Sul, a longtime Pratt faculty member, contributed her creative skills and leadership to the design firm, which was selected by Interiors magazine as the 1988 Designer of the Year.


The Leap Forward (2006)

Marshall Arisman (Graphic Design, Alumnus)

The Leap Forward (2006), political drawing, Image Courtesy The Nation

In this drawing, first published in The Nation, Arisman uses his graphic acerbity to challenge President George W. Bush’s continuation of the War in Iraq. Arisman is part of a generation of artists who transformed the nature of political art in the early seventies, and his provocative graphic and multi-media works have been prominently featured in major magazines and newspapers, such as Time, The New York Times, Rolling Stone, and Esquire. Arisman is also an internationally renowned oil painter, sculptor, and printmaker.

Sibi Mathew (MS Communications Design ’17)

[Website]      [Behance]      [LinkedIn]

Sibi Mathew

Einstein on the Beach (1976)

Robert Wilson (Architecture and Painting, Alumnus)

Einstein on the Beach, (1976), opera

This minimalist opera was scored by composer Philip Glass and designed and produced by Wilson. A four-act, five-hour rumination on the philosophy of Albert Einstein, Einstein on the Beach transformed the traditional notion of opera. An international tour of the opera is currently in progress.

Morphology Studios 2012-2013

Morphology Studios

The range of projects shown here includes continued exploration of minimal surfaces, kinetic systems and systematic morphology. One example of each is shown.

Topological Surfaces - A Scherk Tension Surface (1-3): An all-tension surface, requiring a bounding compressive frame, was built systematically from pre-cut patterned fabric modules (stretch fabric in this instance) and assembled in parts and larger aggregates. Preliminary studies of Scherk’s minimal surface topology through digital models, paper models of faceted versions (9,10), tension fabric studies (11,12) and 3d printed models (7,8) provided the basis for designing the fabric components with the intent of assembling them into a larger pre-fabricated membrane structure within a rigid frame.

Dynamic Morphology - Kinetic Structures: Starting with kinetic precedents from nature, technology, architecture, technology and sculpture, students developed their own dynamic structures that ranged from disc-type deployables shown here as a family (4,5), interacting gears that enabled kinetic motion, rigid deployables from linear hinged parts that enable folded surfaces like origami to define space, or proposals for applying Jensen-mechanism to “walking” structures, were explored. We show one example.

Form-Generation - Folded Surfaces: Gaudi’s architecture provided a starting point for morphologic analysis followed by students applying or extending their analysis to the systematic generation of new forms or families of forms. In their small way, these forms go beyond those found in Gaudi’s work. We have explored systems from hyperbolic paraboloids and hyperboloids, toroidal systems, minimal surfaces, folded surfaces and so on. We show one project (6) dealing with the systematic generation of two infinite families of folded surfaces based on the continuous morphing of a unit element.


Students: Anthony Frisenda, Oliver Hall, Amir Karimpour, Azhar Kotadia, Sung-Jun Park, Anthony Rainerman, Keshav Ramaswami, Jae Kim


Michael Riso

Senior Collection

Madeline Gruen

Aparna Sudhakar

Aparna Sudhakar

Student: Aparna Sudhakar
Faculty: Nate Hume

Caroline Voagen Nelson (MFA Digital Arts ’17)

[Website]      [LinkedIn]

Caroline Voagen Nelson

Caroline Voagen Nelson

Thailand in the rainy season can be difficult

Thailand crew

Thailand in the rainy season can be difficult . . . 

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Jason Schloss

Summer Programs 12

Faculty: Olivia Vien


Thea Sarkissian (M.Arch, 2015)

Critic Jonas Coersmeier

Santiago Calatrava - S7

Santiago Calatrava
Painted plate aluminum

Pratt Institute is proud to announce a new exhibition of the world-renowned artist, architect, and engineer Santiago Calatrava. This work, titled S7 was a part of seven monumental sculptures installed along the median of Park Avenue in New York City in 2015. The artist’s name has been most closely associated with his celebrated architectural designs of bridges and transportation centers built throughout the world, including the “Oculus” World Trade Center Transportation Hub in New York completed in 2016. Additionally, he has exhibited at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York (2005), The State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg (2012), and the Vatican Museum in Rome (2013). In reference to this series of prodigious sculptures Calatrava said “their relation to the natural world suggests a link between man and nature, implying the sculptures are found objects in a human forest.” Calatrava received an honorary doctorate of fine arts from Pratt Institute in 2012, conferred in recognition of his achievements as an architect, artist, and engineer.

Santiago Calatrava - S7

Santiago Calatrava - S7

Santiago Calatrava - S7

Santiago Calatrava - S7


Alice in Wonderland

Kristie Radwilowicz

With and Without

Nika DeCarlo

Nina Swistel, Fine Arts, Sculpture BFA ’18

Work by Nina Swistel


Jill Hotchkiss (MFA ’12)

Painting Number 2 (1954)

Franz Kline (Fine Arts, Faculty)

Painting Number 2, (1954), oil on canvas
(c) 2012 The Franz Kline Estate/Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York + Albright Knox Art Gallery/Art Resource N.Y.

A major contributor to the Abstract Expressionist movement, Kline's large-scale gestural black-and-white abstractions gave monumental significance to the dynamics of the graphic line. The artist said that he painted "the white as well as the black, and the white is just as important."

Lula, Budapest (1972)

Sylvia Plachy (Graphic Arts, Alumna)

Lula, Budapest, (1972), silver gelatin print

Lulu, Budapest was included in Plachy’s critically acclaimed monograph Self-Portrait with Cows Going Home, a personal history and documentary of Plachy’s homeland. She is a contributing photographer to The Village Voice and The New Yorker and her photographs are in the permanent collections of The Museum of Modern Art, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and The Metropolitan Museum of Art, among others.

Nathania Wijaya

Nathania Wijaya

GAUD International Programs 5

GAUD Summer 2017

Faculty: Mark Rakatansky and Lorenzo Vigotti
Summer 2017


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