Ayesha Khan, Fine Arts, Sculpture (MFA ‘15)

Ayesha Khan


Zach Grzybowski (M.Arch, 2015)

Critic Peter Macapia

PIC 360 - Blind home

PIC 360 - Blind home

Follow your senses home. Question your understanding of new and remembered stories. Study perception, recognition and creation beyond the visual. Work across media and communication from collage to performance, interview to costume, stage set to psychogeographic realities. Play games and act in plays. Remember things past, experience the present, imagine the future. Find a sense of home.

Instructor: Chelsea Limbird

Read the full list of PIC classes.

PIC 360 poster

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MHDEA 2019 - Alexander Elguera, Professors Sarrach + Ngai

MHDEA 2019 - Alexander Elguera, Professors Sarrach + Ngai

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Alexis Dorko

Student: Alexis Dorko
Faculty: Olivia Vien

We Are the Ship: The Story of Negro League Baseball (2008)

Kadir Nelson (Illustration, Alumnus)

We Are the Ship: The Story of Negro League Baseball, (2008)
Courtesy of Sun/Hyperion Books

We Are the Ship, a book Nelson authored and illustrated, tells the story of the Negro League from its beginnings in the 1920s through its decline. Nelson's artistry in this book earned him a 2009 Coretta Scott King Book Award, and a Robert F. Silbert Medal from the Association for Library Service to Children.

Thom Mayne Young Architects Program

Thom Mayne Young Architects Program

Yenyen Chou, Fine Arts, Painting and Drawing (MFA ‘18)

Work by Yenyen Chou

Cigarette (1961)

Tony Smith (Art School, Faculty)

Cigarette, (1961), painted steel

Mrs. Simon Guggenheim Fund. (c) Estate of Tony Smith/Artists Rights Society (ARS), N.Y., Digital Image (c) The Museum of Modern Art/Licensed by SCALA/Art Resource, N.Y.

Creating drama through simplicity and scale, the minimalist sculptor was cited by art historian William Seitz in the 1967 Time cover story "Sculpture: Master of the Monumentalists" as being in the vanguard of "sculptors without studios, who have their drawings turned into steel at a factory," a reference to how Smith's outsized, geometric works were executed.



Uomo (1988)

Sheila Metzner (Visual Communication), Alumna

Uomo, (1988, Fresson print)

Metzner’s enigmatic lovers became the centerpiece of Fendi’s print campaign for the launch of their first men’s perfume, Fendi Uomo. The soft, but brilliant coloring is the result of Metzner’s use of the Fresson process, a technique invented in France in 1900 and only rarely studied by American artists. The photograph was featured in Metzner’s first solo American museum exhibition at the International Center of Photography in 1991.

Sindhura Vanamamlai

Sindhura Vanamamlai

Hannah Berry, Fine Arts, Painting and Drawing MFA ’17

Hannah Berry

MHDEA 2018 - Vahab Aboonour + Sidhant Seth, Professor Leonard Leung

MHDEA 2018 - Vahab Aboonour + Sidhant Seth, Professor Leonard Leung

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Meg Bosse (BFA Communications Design (Graphic Design) ’17)

[Website]      [LinkedIn]

Meg Bosse

Pratt Young Scholar Student/DICE - Age 16

Pratt Young Scholar Student/DICE - Age 16

Brittney Lyons, Fine Arts, Sculpture MFA ‘19

Brittney Lyons, Fine Arts, Sculpture MFA '19Brittney Lyons, Fine Arts, Sculpture MFA '19Brittney Lyons, Fine Arts, Sculpture MFA '19

Nicole Olavarria-Key

MHDEA 2018 - Daniel Infante, Professor Ajmal Aqtash

MHDEA 2018 - Daniel Infante, Professor Ajmal Aqtash

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X132 Hellcat motorcycle (2011)

Ed Jacobs (Industrial Design, Alumnus)

X132 Hellcat motorcycle, (2011)

For the third generation Hellcat motorcycle, Jacobs, design chief of Confederate Motorcycles, created a bike that celebrates the machine’s mechanics. A departure from conventional design in which the frame cradles the engine, the Hellcat’s frame is bolted to the engine in the front and rear, making the engine itself a load-bearing structural element.


GAUD Lectures and Events 12

GAUD event

Zoë Washlet for TOTO (1993)

Ayse Birsel (Industrial Design, Alumna)

Zoë Washlet for TOTO, (1993)

Birsel adapted this Japanese-manufactured bidet and toilet for the American home-improvement market. Its ergonomic design increased comfort, while a snap-on, snap-off seat allowed for easy cleaning. Birsel’s design won the Industrial Design Excellence Award in 1996.

Katie Story (BFA Communications Design (Graphic Design) ’17)

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Dino Playtime video

Katie Story

Katie Story

Katie Story

Katie Story

Katie Story

The Yale Center for British Art (1974)

Marshall Meyers (Industrial Design, Alumnus)

The Yale Center for British Art, (1974)
Richard Caspole of the Yale Center for British Art

As a longtime collaborator with Louis Kahn, Meyers helped the renowned architect to fulfill his commitment to the use of natural light for illuminating the galleries of the public museum and research center, which was Kahn’s final project. In recognition of his achievements, Meyers won the National Honor Award of the American Institute of Architects for Excellence in Design in 1978, and the Yale Center for British Art won AIA’s prestigious Twenty-Five Year Award in 2005.

Tacos El Santo

Arnau Bosch (AOS Graphic Design ’14)

Media: Digital (Illustrator / InDesign)

Ryan Helfant (BFA Photography ‘17)

[Website]          [LinkedIn]

Ryan Helfant

Ryan Helfant

Ryan Helfant

Last Life in the Universe (2003)

Pen-Ek Ratanaruang (Fine Arts, Alumnus)

Last Life in the Universe, (2003)
Photo Courtesy Palm Pictures

The fourth film from Ratanaruang, one of Thai cinema’s leading “new wave” auteurs, follows the days of a suicide-obsessed Japanese librarian living in Bangkok. Chuck Stephens of Film Comment magazine said the film propelled Ratanaruang “into the ranks of the most consistently innovative filmmakers working anywhere in the world.” The film won the 2004 International Critics’ Prize for the Best Foreign Language Film of the Year and the Grand Jury Prize at the Bangkok International Film Festival.

Morphology Studios 2008-2009

Morphology Studios

Haresh Lalvani, Ajmal AqtashHaresh Lalvani, Ajmal AqtashHaresh Lalvani, Ajmal AqtashHaresh Lalvani, Ajmal Aqtash

Portrait, Colored Light (2014)

Jennifer Chung, Foundation Light Color and Design, class of 2017

Brittany Baldwin, Fine Arts, Painting and Drawing (MFA ‘16)

Brittany Baldwin

Aanchal Budhrani

Aanchal Budhrani

Fashion Design

Pratt Shows 2016

2016 Pratt Institute Fashion Show + Cocktail Benefit

Honoring Harold Koda
Former Curator in Charge of The Costume Institute at The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Fashion Show + Award Presentation

Thursday, May 5, 6 PM

Showcasing collections by the Department of Fashion Class of 2016

Cocktail Benefit to Follow

Thursday, May 5, 7:30 PM

Spring Studios
50 Varick Street
New York, NY 10013

For information and tickets:

Proceeds benefit Pratt scholarship funds and the Institute’s Department of Fashion.

Special thanks to:

Platinum Sponsor

Image: Work by Katya Reily (B.F.A. Fashion Design ’15)

Tight Rope Exercise

Andrew Jarman

Cage Cuff

Melanie Merenda

Molly Wasielewski; Time & Movement

Molly Wasielewski; Time & Movement

Haresh Lalvani 2009-2010

Haresh Lalvani

Work by Haresh Lalvani

Raleene Cabrera (MS Interior Design ’16)

[Website]      [Behance]      [LinkedIn]

Raleeen Cabrera-Inez

We talked biology and conservation with a group of Panamanian school kids

Panamanian school kidsWe talked biology and conservation with a group of Panamanian school kids

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YenYen Chou, Fine Arts, Painting and Drawing MFA ’18

Work by YenYen Chou


Dawn Moses

Social issue: Addresses depression.
ID workshop class, Rebecca Welz

Lingbo Zhu, Digital Arts, 2D Animation BFA ‘19

Lingbo Zhu

PIC 321 - Virtual Reality and the Battle for Truth

PIC 321 - Virtual Reality and the Battle for Truth

Virtual and augmented reality are at the forefront of technology and culture today. This course is an exploration of the technical possibilities of VR/AR and simulations as well as a critical appreciation of the scope and limits of quantitative models. Students will learn how to create and critique VR/ AR simulations. We will explore the ongoing battle over truth in a time of “fake news” and “alternative facts,” developing crucial critical thinking skills in an age of contesting realities.

Instructor: Basem Aly

Read the full list of PIC classes.

PIC 321 poster

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Blue Green Yellow Orange Red (1966)

Ellsworth Kelly (Painting, Alumnus)

Blue Green Yellow Orange Red, (1966, oil on canvas)
Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York

New York Times art critic John Russell praised the "exact and lucid radiance" of Kelly's five vertical panels placed in the order of the chromatic spectrum, adding it was the kind of "big American painting" people from around the world travel to New York to see. World-renowned for his exploration of color and shape, Kelly embraced abstraction and developed his signature style when he returned to the United States in 1954 after six years in Paris.


Ana Macias

Adin Rimland and Bryce Taylor - Architecture

Work by Adin Rimland and Bryce Taylor

Hannah Desk System (1986)

Bruce Hannah (Industrial Design, Alumnus andFaculty)

Hannah Desk System, (1986)
(c) Knoll, Inc.

This modular desk system for the office-furniture company Knoll won a 1990 Industrial Design Society of America (IDSA) Design of the Decade award for its innovative modular units, which allowed workers to configure their own office space.

Hitler Sneaks a Queen

Alexander Hartwell

Graduate Architecture and Urban Design

A car in a tunnel, Graduate Architecture and Urban Design

Group Formation

Foundation 3-Dimensional Design

PIC 346 - Unboxed: Subversion Strategies

PIC 346 - Unboxed: Subversion Strategies

This course integrates materials from intersections of applied arts, philosophy, pop culture and literature. Students will examine works of art from all disciplines as well as cultural artifacts, investigate how they reflect dominant modes of thought—such as our compulsive creation of binaries, the need for cohesive narratives and chronological organization—and look at how the chosen works interrogate and subvert them. Students then create (or revise existing) works inspired by/reflecting the discussed strategies.

Instructor: Maria Baker

Read the full list of PIC classes.

PIC 346 poster

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Yueh-tze “Victoria” Lee

AOS Illustration

Heein Park, Digital Arts, Interactive Arts BFA ‘19

Heein Park

Gwen Miller, Fine Arts, Printmaking, BFA ’18

Gwen Miller, Fine Arts, Printmaking, BFA ’18

Lei Xing (MFA Interior Design ’17)

[Website]      [LinkedIn]

Lei Xing (MFA Interior Design ’17)

Pratt Young Scholar Student/DICE - Age 17

Pratt Young Scholar Student/DICE - Age 17

On a Wave (2002)

Thad Ziolkowski (Creative Writing, Faculty)

On a Wave, (2002)
On a Wave (c) 2002 by Thad Ziolkowski, and reprinted with the permission of the publisher, Grove/Atlantic Inc.

Poet and essayist Ziolkowski’s memoir On a Wave, a finalist for the 2003 PEN/Martha Albrand Award, offers recollections of the writer’s boyhood in Melbourne Beach, Florida. Kirkus Reviews called it “a wistful, elegiac remembrance of a surfing adolescence.”

GAUD Lectures and Events 11

GAUD lecture

Locus Xiaotong Chen, Fine Arts, Printmaking BFA ‘19

Locus Xiaotong Chen, Fine Arts, Printmaking BFA ‘19

The World

Aaron Fernandez

Dorset / a whiskey set

Casey Daurio

A barware set including whiskey carafe, water pitcher, and glass.
Materials used: plaster and cork.
Simon Pearce project class, Professor Katrin-Mueller-Russo.

Mallory Pearson, Fine Arts, Painting BFA ‘19

Mallory Pearson

Hanna Lefcourt (BFA Communications Design (Illustration) ’16)

[Website]      [LinkedIn]

Hannah Lefcourt. Empress tour.

Chevrolet Bel Air Concept (2002)

Sung K. Paik (Industrial Design, Alumnus)

Chevrolet Bel Air Concept, (2002)
General Motors

Paik was a part of the General Motors design team that modernized the legendary open air 1955-57 Chevys of the same name. Blending the graceful flowing lines of the iconic older models with cutting-edge advances in engine technology, the redesign ramps up the fun and excitement of the classic Chevy for the 21st century driver.

Wedding (1962)

Milton Resnick (Commercial Art, Alumnus)

Wedding  (1962) Oil on canvas, 108-3/4, W. 102-5/8 inches (276.2 x 260.7 cm.). Gift of Robert Miller, 1985 (1985.182). Resnick, Milton (1917-2004) © Copyright
Image copyright (c) The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Image source: Art Resource, NY

An early member of the Abstract-Expressionist movement, Resnick transformed his style with this breakthrough painting: a monumentally scaled canvas filled with encrusted strokes of vivid color. Of Resnick’s masterpiece, art critic Thomas Micchelli says, “colors appear and retreat over time, but the effect is so condensed, so sensuous and compelling, that it hurts to tear your eyes away.”

GAUD International Programs 25

GAUD Summer 2017

Faculty: David Erdman and Natalia Echeverri
Summer 2017

Anushree Patel

Anushree Patel

Wendy Klemperer - Lions at the Gate




The pervading imagery of Klemperer's work reflects a lifelong fascination with animals. Her large-scale sculptures are often constructed from salvaged industrial refuse ravaged by demolition, transformed to contain energy and new life. The welding process is reminiscent of a gesture drawing—the skeletal, steel lines contain both presence and absence. The body language of these animals expresses a feeling or state of being, with motion conveying emotion. Lions at the Gate references heraldic lions, from medieval times back to the lion gate of Mycenae.

Lions At The Gate, Wendy Klemperer


Taylor Jannotte

Senior Collection

Dawn (1909)

Alice Boughton (Fine Arts, Alumna)

Dawn, (1909), photogravure

Boughton produced her allegorical image of a female nude using one of photography's earliest methods of printmaking, photogravure. The print was published in the 1909 issue of Camera Work, Alfred Stieglitz's influential quarterly journal dedicated to establishing photography as a fine art. Boughton's photogravure images were highly regarded for their painterly qualities and artistic ambitions.

Anna Fusco, Fine Arts, Printmaking BFA ‘19

Anna Fusco

The Second Life of Doctor Mirage (1993)

Bernard Chang (Architecture, Alumnus)

The Second Life of Doctor Mirage, (1993)

Comic-book industry guide Wizard chose Chang as one of 1993’s “Top Ten Artists” for his illustrations of this supernatural mystery series, which became a best seller for the legendary Valiant Comics in the 1990s.

Dutch Baroque Paintings at The Metropolitan Museum of Art: A Quantitative Assessment of a Collection

James Lemoine

This project functions as a visually based quantitative assessment of one of New York’s most venerated works of art: The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s collection of Dutch Baroque paintings. The goal in generating these graphics is to visualize the metadata that surrounds these precious works in order to gain a more nuanced understanding of their collective history in the context of the Museum, and an overall impression of the collection’s strengths and weaknesses with respect to areas including genre and artist. A blue gradient is used throughout to correlate with the early-modern hierarchy of genres, a system promoted by seventeenth-century art theorists including Joachim van Sandrart (1606-1688) and Charles Le Brun (1619-1690). The monochromatic blue of these visualizations also functions as a visual ontological cue to The Netherlands, specifically the tin-glazed ceramic wares that flourished in sixteenth- and seventeenth-century Delft.

Print Installation

Bonnie Whitefield (MFA ’10)

Mark Gens, Fine Arts, Sculpture MFA ’16

Mark Gens, Fine Arts, Sculpture MFA ’16Mark Gens, Fine Arts, Sculpture MFA ’16Mark Gens, Fine Arts, Sculpture MFA ’16Mark Gens, Fine Arts, Sculpture MFA ’16

A Little Taste Outside of Love (2007)

Mickalene Thomas (Fine Arts, Alumna)

Little Taste Outside of Love, (2007)
acrylic, enamel, and rhinestones on wood panel
(c) Mickalene Thomas and Mickalene Thomas Studio, Inc., Courtesy of the artist, Rhona Hoffman Gallery, and Brooklyn Museum of Art

Eugenie Tsai, curator of the Brooklyn Museum, names this work "one of the star attractions of the museum's contemporary galleries." Drawing from her study of art history and the classical genres of portraiture, landscape, and still life, Thomas introduces a complex vision of what it means to be a woman and expands common definitions of beauty.

Tom and Jerry MGM cartoon shorts (1940-1958)

Joseph Barbera (Fine Arts, Alumnus)

Tom and Jerry MGM cartoon shorts, (1940-1958)
TM& (c) Hanna-Barbera (s12), characters from TOM & JERRY used courtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Barbera's famed cat and mouse team made their debut in Puss Gets the Boot, a cartoon short that was nominated for an Academy Award in 1941. The MGM cartoon series, Tom and Jerry, went on to win seven Academy Awards.

Taylor Hayes (BFA Fashion Design ’16)

[Website]      [Behance]      [LinkedIn] 

Taylor Hayes

Taylor Hayes

Taylor Hayes

Diamond Sharp (M.F.A. Writing ’17)

My fieldwork residency involved collecting the oral histories of family members, family friends, and other willing Chicagoans that participated in the Great Migration.

My objective is to gain an understanding of internal migration, its impact and apply that to the work in my manuscript. I interviewed my grandmother, great-aunt, and great-uncle. The Great Migration was the largest internal migration in the United States. It was precipitated by the realities of the hostile and violent climate of the post-Civil War/Jim Crow South. It can be argued (and has been argued) that the Black Americans who participated in the Great Migration were acting as refugees within their own country. I think that historical narrative is important in our current political reality. Further, the Great Migration had an uncomparable impact on the cities to which Black Americans flocked to. This project was undertaken to record this narrative for its historical importance and to inform my thesis work. For this project, I have used my digital media skills. The collected interviews and documentation will be available on my site: diamondjsharp.com.

Sade Murphy (M.F.A. Writing ’17)

I am performing a letter writing experiment to test the language and structure of support systems for people with vulnerable bodies. I will use my skills as a printmaker and invite people around the country to engage directly with the survival of black femmes.

Promax Compact Hairdryer (1976)

Morison S. Cousins (Industrial Design, Alumnus)

Promax Compact Hairdryer, (1976)
Digital Image (c) The Museum of Modern Art/Licensed by SCALA/Art Resource, NY. The Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY, U.S.A.

The sleek Promax hairdryer, made by The Gillette Company, was created by the simple fusing of two tubes, and was designed to look European. The hairdryer is in the collection of The Museum of Modern Art’s Architecture and Design Objects.

A results network displayed by the Easy-IPD interface

a results network displayed by the Easy-IPD interfaceA results network displayed by the Easy-IPD interface makes it easier to understand the rich dynamics of iterated prisoner’s dilemma tournaments.

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Luisa Valderrrama, Fine Arts, Sculpture (MFA ‘18)

Work by Luisa Valderrrama

Last Conversation Piece (1994-1995)

Juan Munoz (Printmaking, Alumnus)

Last Conversation Piece, (1994-1995), bronze, 66 1/2 x 244 3/4 x 321 1/8 in. (168.9 x 621.7 x 815.7 cm) as installed
Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Smithsonian Institution, Museum Purchase, 1995. Photography by Lee Stalsworth.

In the final work of Muñoz’s acclaimed five-part series, expressively rendered, life-size figures placed on the grounds of the Hirschhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden appear to the viewer to be engaged in a fraught, enigmatic encounter. According to Muñoz scholar Alex Potts, “The somewhat unsettling combination of theatre and sculpture in Muñoz’s work produces a scenario where action and stasis, and presence and void, vie with one another.”

AlgoRhythms Column (2004)

Haresh Lalvani (Architecture, Faculty)

AlgoRhythms Column, 2004, folded titanium sheet
Bruce Gitlin

Computer algorithms, developed by Lalvani, are applied to the folding of metal into forms that reveal the structural morphology of the material and used to produce decorative objects, sculpture, and building structures, such as this 9-foot tall titanium column that is part of MoMA’s permanent collection. Lalvani’s groundbreaking work has been recognized by the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in Fine Arts, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the National Institute for Architectural Education.

The Essex House Hotel (1939)

Henry Hohauser (Architecture, Alumnus)

The Essex House Hotel, (1939)
Cosmo Condina/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Just two stories high and with only 31 rooms, this small hotel in the South Beach Art Deco district of Miami, where Hohauser moved in 1932, evokes a maritime theme appropriate to the area. Hohauser became a major architect in the Art Deco style in the beach district during the 1930s. 

Elbow Table

Jane Lee (BFA Interior Design ’15)

Dogtown Presents: Awake?

Kelly “Kiki” Falconer (AOS DDIM ’14)

Media: motion graphics / mixed media

Unknown; Visualization/Representation

Unknown; Visualization/Representation

Juan Gaitan (Master of Science, Architecture (Post-Professional) ’16)


Juan Gaitan (Master of Science, Architecture (Post-Professional) ’16)

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MHDEA 2015 - David Franck, Sergey Pigach, Professor EJ Seong

MHDEA 2015 - David Franck, Sergey Pigach, Professor EJ Seong

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Santiago Giralda, Fine Arts, Painting and Drawing MFA ’19

Santiago Giralda, Fine Arts, Painting and Drawing MFA ’19

Allison Martell (BFA Fashion Design ’17)

[Website]      [LinkedIn]

Allison Martell

Reina Kim, Fine Arts, Jewelry BFA ’18

Work by Reina Kim

Dayeon Kim, Fine Arts, Sculpture MFA ‘19

Dayeon Kim, Fine Arts, Sculpture MFA '19Dayeon Kim, Fine Arts, Sculpture MFA '19Dayeon Kim, Fine Arts, Sculpture MFA '19Dayeon Kim, Fine Arts, Sculpture MFA '19

Maria Rojas (BFA Communications Design (Graphic Design) ’16)


Maria Rojas

Maria Rojas

Maria Rojas

Maria Rojas

Daniel Barragan, Fine Arts, Sculpture MFA ‘19

Daniel Barragan, Fine Arts, Sculpture MFA '19Daniel Barragan, Fine Arts, Sculpture MFA '19Daniel Barragan, Fine Arts, Sculpture MFA '19Daniel Barragan, Fine Arts, Sculpture MFA '19

Dr. No (1962)

Joseph Caroff (Advertising Design, Alumnus)

Dr. No logo, (1962)

Caroff, a major designer of book covers and movie posters, created one of pop culture’s most famous logos: an elegant black silhouette featuring a gun barrel that extends from the leg of number 7, the final number of the identity code of British secret service agent James Bond.

Graduate Architecture and Urban Design

Satellite image of Earth

Michelle Chung (BID Industrial Design ’16)

[Website]      [Behance]      [LinkedIn]

Michelle Chung

Mother in Beige

Devante Hart

Devante Hart, Mother in Beige

Devante Hart, Mother in Beige, 2015, Pigmented inkjet print, 24”x30”


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