Fall 2015 Fundamentals Studio - Sanghoon Seo

Work by Sanghoon Seo

Fall 2015 Fundamentals Studio
Student: Sanghoon Seo
Instructor: Peter Macapia

Anthony Lee Mull + Sandra Nataf

Anthony Lee Mull + Sandra Nataf

Spy Store

Marisa Lim

Dr. No (1962)

Joseph Caroff (Advertising Design, Alumnus)

Dr. No logo, (1962)

Caroff, a major designer of book covers and movie posters, created one of pop culture’s most famous logos: an elegant black silhouette featuring a gun barrel that extends from the leg of number 7, the final number of the identity code of British secret service agent James Bond.

Brittany Baldwin, Fine Arts, Painting and Drawing (MFA ‘16)

Brittany Baldwin

The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck (1909)

Pamela Colman Smith (Fine Arts, Alumna)

The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck,  (1909)
Courtesy of H. Voley

Smith created 78 original illustrations for the first printed English-language tarot card deck intended for mass circulation. Smith's designs radically transformed the fortune-telling traditions of tarot and are widely recognized as the basis of the modern tarot deck.

Djavan Nascimento, Fine Arts, Printmaking (MFA ‘16)

Djavan Nascimento,

PIC 393 - Another World is Possible


This course is a collective experiment in designing a just and sustainable future in which all of us can live. Ideas from literature, film, social justice frameworks, community organizing, and existing alternative models will inform our work. Students will contemplate different facets of life --from gender, sex, and family structures to governance, conflict resolution, and environmental sustainability and, using a consensus decision-making model, will imagine and plan a better world.

Instructors: Shelley Oria and Quito Ziegler

Read the full list of PIC classes.

PIC 393 - Another World is Possible poster

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TakYing (Tiffany) Chan; Visualization/Representation

TakYing (Tiffany) Chan; Visualization/Representation

PIC 321 - Virtual Reality and the Battle for Truth

PIC 321 - Virtual Reality and the Battle for Truth

Virtual and augmented reality are at the forefront of technology and culture today. This course is an exploration of the technical possibilities of VR/AR and simulations as well as a critical appreciation of the scope and limits of quantitative models. Students will learn how to create and critique VR/ AR simulations. We will explore the ongoing battle over truth in a time of “fake news” and “alternative facts,” developing crucial critical thinking skills in an age of contesting realities.

Instructor: Basem Aly

Read the full list of PIC classes.

PIC 321 poster

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Kushal Durairajan

Kushal Durairajan

Stanish Jonathan, Fine Arts, Printmaking (MFA)

Stanish Jonathan

Zen-Inspired Jewelry

Shuoyuan Bai (B.F.A. Jewelry ’14)

Shuoyuan Bai (B.F.A. Jewelry ’14) created a pair of earrings inspired by a Zen rock garden as part of his senior thesis collection this spring. His aim was to create pieces that foster a sense of calm and tranquility in the wearer. For Bai, materials are an essential part of the creative process, and the imperfections and grain of the wood he selected for the earrings helped his design take shape.

This fall, Bai’s work will be on view in LOOT: MAD About Jewelry, the Museum of Arts and Design’s annual juried selling exhibition of artist-made jewelry that has become an important platform to launch the careers of young, cutting-edge creators from around the globe.

Senior Collection

Emma Hastil

Lalitphan Pongpornprot

Student: Lalitphan Pongpornprot
Faculty: Mark Rakatansky and Lorenzo Vigotti
Summer 2017

A Librarian’s Guide to Folksonomies

Andrew Ward, Danielle Brena, and Diane H. De Fazio.

In today’s world, technology has caused many aspects of librarianship to evolve, and has started to integrate new and intuitive ways to organize information. Folksonomies are an example of the progressive ideas libraries are experimenting with.  In our research we examined what folksonomies reveal about our relationship with information, how they are used in LAMs, and their potential shortcomings.

The Agreement

Christina Chung

Patrick Rowe, Fine Arts, Integrated Practices MFA ’13

Patrick Rowe, Fine Arts, Integrated Practices MFA ’13

Patrick Rowe, Fine Arts, Integrated Practices MFA ’13

Patrick Rowe
Mobile Print Power, 2013  

GAUD International Programs 14

GAUD Summer 2017

Faculty: David Erdman and Natalia Echeverri
Summer 2017

Sahil Dagli

Student: Sahil Dagli
Faculty: Kutan Ayata

Cicinnurus Respublica

Eden Daniell


Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (1979)

Frank "Fraver" Verlizzo (Communications Design, Alumnus)

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, (1979), poster art
Courtesy of Frank Verlizzo

Fraver based his poster design for the original Broadway production of Stephen Sondheim’s Tony award-winning musical thriller on an antique woodcut. About the preliminary illustration, Sondheim said only, “Add more blood.”

Hitler Sneaks a Queen

Alexander Hartwell




Hana Pak

Senior Collection

Blue Eyes

Sara Simon (Fine Arts ’15)

Vruti Desai + Avinash Sharma

Vruti Desai + Avinash Sharma

Mark di Suvero - Jive




Di Suvero’s trademark is scale. In a grand tradition of direct steel sculpture, he has created a large body of work both in the United States and Europe, manipulating the large skeletal structures of his work with a fluidity that one can usually only bring to smaller-scale works. Cranes, tractors, and cherry pickers are part of his tool vocabulary.

Mark di Suvero - Jive

Barbara Miglietti Villasana + Li Jin, Architecture B.Arch ‘19

Barbara Miglietti Villasana + Li Jin

Building NYC’s Open Data Dashboard

Building NYC’s Open Data Dashboard

Student: Dani Gallo McCausland (MS DAV ‘19)


Pocahontas (1995)

Eric Goldberg (Illustration, Alumnus)

Pocahontas, (1995), co-director
(c) Disney

A longtime animator and writer for Walt Disney Studios, Goldberg made his directorial debut with Pocahontas. The film won the Annie Award, animation’s highest honor, for best-animated feature in 1995.

MHDEA 2018 - Massi Surratt, Professor Jason Lee

MHDEA 2018 - Massi Surratt, Professor Jason Lee

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Penny Engbring, Fine Arts, Printmaking, BFA ’18

Penny Engbring, Fine Arts, Printmaking, BFA ’18

GAUD International Programs 20

GAUD summer 2017

Faculty: David Erdman and Natalia Echeverri
Summer 2017

Corvette C5 (1997)

John Cafaro (Industrial Design, Alumnus)

Corvette C5, (1997)

Cafaro’s redesign of the Corvette transformed the coupé into a convertible with a rounded, graceful exterior and set the standard for Corvettes of subsequent generations. The innovative design was honored with an Autoweek Magazine Award. In 2002, Cafaro was inducted into the Corvette Hall of Fame.

And the migrants kept coming (1940-41)

Jacob Lawrence (Fine Arts, Faculty)

And the migrants kept coming,  (1940-41), tempera on gesso on composition board
Digital Image (c) The Museum of Modern Art/Licensed by SCALA/Art Resource, N.Y., The Museum of Modern Art, New York, (c) 2012 The Jacob and Gwendolyn Lawrence Foundation, Seattle/Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York.

Lawrence depicts the mass movement of Black Southerners to the North in this painting from his epic Migration Series, which is made up of 60 panels that were completed when the artist was 23 years old. The first work of art by an African-American to enter The Museum of Modern Art's collection, the series addresses some of the history and struggles of Black America.

Sonya Feinstein

Sonya Feinstein


Olivia Michaels

Shoulder brooch

Sofia DeBustamante, MFA ’17

Work by Sofia DeBustamante, MFA ’17

Emily Mercado

Caroline Voagen Nelson (MFA Digital Arts ’17)

[Website]      [LinkedIn]

Caroline Voagen Nelson

Caroline Voagen Nelson

Shalin Bhatt

Shalin Bhatt

Wanlapa Koosakul + Kenith Mak

Wanlapa Koosakul + Kenith Mak

Battery Park City Master Plan (2000)

Thomas Hanrahan (Dean, School of Architecture)

Battery Park City Master Plan, (2000)
Hanrahan Meyers Architects

Winner of the prestigious Heritage Award for Excellence, the master plan for Battery Park’s North Neighborhood, located in New York City, created 35 acres of parkland, playgrounds, and a community center combined with the first sustainably designed high-rise neighborhood in the world.

Bryan Cabrera Perez, Fine Arts, Painting BFA ’18

Work by Bryan Cabrera Perez

BMW Print Advertisement (1975)

Ralph Ammirati (Advertising Design, Alumnus)

BMW print advertisement (1975), With permission of BMW of North America

To introduce the BMW to the American marketplace, Ammirati and his partner Martin Puris created ads that stressed the German-made vehicle’s driving performance and sophisticated engineering. The ads whetted America’s appetite for luxury cars and made the BMW an aspirational purchase for young professionals. Ad Age included the campaign on their list of the Top 100 campaigns of the 20th century.

AIGA Detroit (1999)

Stefan Sagmeister (Graphic Design, Alumnus)

AIGA Detroit (1999) , lithograph
Photo: Tom Schierlitz, Courtesy of Sagmeister Studios

For a 1999 AIGA Detroit lecture, Sagmeister had his assistant carve the details of his talk into his torso, which he described as an attempt to “visualize the pain that seems to accompany most of my design projects.” The poster Sagmeister created as a result is now in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art, New York and the Design Museum, London.

The Pink Panther (1969-79)

Hawley Pratt (Fine Arts, Alumnus)

The Pink Panther, (1969-79)

Pratt co-created the Pink Panther for the opening and closing credit sequences of the Inspector Clouseau detective farces starring Peter Sellers. Pratt later developed cartoon shorts and a television series for the popular character.

A Little Taste Outside of Love (2007)

Mickalene Thomas (Fine Arts, Alumna)

Little Taste Outside of Love, (2007)
acrylic, enamel, and rhinestones on wood panel
(c) Mickalene Thomas and Mickalene Thomas Studio, Inc., Courtesy of the artist, Rhona Hoffman Gallery, and Brooklyn Museum of Art

Eugenie Tsai, curator of the Brooklyn Museum, names this work "one of the star attractions of the museum's contemporary galleries." Drawing from her study of art history and the classical genres of portraiture, landscape, and still life, Thomas introduces a complex vision of what it means to be a woman and expands common definitions of beauty.

Heein Park, Digital Arts, Interactive Arts BFA ‘19

Heein Park

Holiday Cards

Beau Berkley (AOS Illustration ’13)

Media: Mixed (Gouache, InDesign)

Lia Kim Farnsworth, Fine Arts, Integrated Practices MFA ’17

The Slippery Shimmer of Tomorrow  2017

The Slippery Shimmer of Tomorrow  2017

The Slippery Shimmer of Tomorrow  2017

Lia Kim Farnsworth
The Slippery Shimmer of Tomorrow, 2017

TheMobile Hostel

Jennifer Palomaa (BFA Interior Design ’14)

Jose Abreu

Jose Abreu

Student: Jose Abreu
Instructor: Jason Vigneri-Beane
3rd year

Therme Vals (1996)

Peter Zumthor (Architecture, Alumnus)

Therme Vals, Vals, Switzerland, (1996)
Source: Therme Vals

Michael Kimmelman, architecture critic of The New York Times, called Therme Vals spa “a maze of lofty, exquisitely proportioned volumes, with heavy, bespoke walls made of finely cut slabs of local stone fitted together like a jigsaw puzzle.” In 2009, Zumthor received the 2009 Pritzker Prize, architecture’s most prestigious award.

Turner Landscape Reimagined (2014)

Emily Argiro, Foundation Light Color and Design, class of 2018

Lea Fales, Fine Arts, Sculpture (MFA ‘16)

Lea Fales

Reconstructed Partitions, 2016

Meg Bosse (BFA Communications Design (Graphic Design) ’17)

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Meg Bosse

PIC 335 - Environment Perception

PIC 335 - Environment Perception

This course draws on design theory, the students’ individual creative practices, and an interdisciplinary lens to develop methods for understanding individual and collective relationships with people and one’s surroundings. Through analytical exercises and various making projects, students will heighten their observation skills and their understanding of the subtleties that enhance and shift perception. For the culminating project, students will create an “environment” that represents their spatial identity and nurtures their creative practice.

Instructor: Alex Goldberg

Read the full list of PIC classes.


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Call Me Stately

Emily Zirimis

Veronica Levy (BFA Fine Arts (Drawing) ’17)

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Veronica Levy (BFA Fine Arts (Drawing) ’17)

Demetrios Zoulis

Demetrios Zoulis

Joice, Myrtle, and Julia

Melanie Merenda


Homage to the Square: With Rays (1959)

Josef Albers (Fine Arts, Faculty)

Homage to the Square: With Rays (1959), Oil on Masonite. H. 48-1/8, W. 48-1/8 inches (122.2 x 122.2 cm). The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Arthur Hoppock Hearn Fund, 1959 (59.160)

In this painting from Albers’s canonic series of geometric abstractions, a grey center square appears to float among luminous outer yellow squares. To demonstrate that the perception of color is a subjective experience, Albers, author of the art treatise Interaction of Color, created more than a thousand of such works, which together operate as as a collective exploration of color awareness and sensitivity.

The Diary

Lu Ke

Mixed Media

Student Level: MFA

Jonothan Hamilton

Jonothan Hamilton

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Liz White (MID Industrial Design ’16)

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Work by Liz White


Zachary Garrison

Mallory Pearson, Fine Arts, Painting BFA ‘19

Mallory Pearson

Hyomin Kwon, Fine Arts, Painting and Drawing MFA ’17

Hyomin Kwon

Seedbed (1972)

Vito Acconci

Seedbed, 1972, super 8 film transferred to video

Now considered a landmark in the development of Conceptual art, Acconci’s sexually explicit performance at the Sonnabend Gallery questioned conventional forms of art making, the relationship between the artist and the viewer, and even the notion of pleasure itself.


Maria Nikolovski (M.Arch, 2015)

Critic James Garrison

GAUD Lectures and Events 2

GAUD lecture

Casey conflates Hudson River School with apocalyptic disaster imagery (Hurricane Katrina)

Casey Itch (MFA ’09)

Janae Sumter, Fine Arts, Integrated Practices MFA ‘19

Janae Sumter ​Legacies of The Radically Altared

Janae Sumter ​Legacies of The Radically Altared

Janae Sumter
Legacies of The Radically Altared

3D Wallpaper

Rachel Ben-Zadok (MS Interior Design ’15)

Marco Lorenzetti, Fine Arts, Printmaking (MFA ‘18)

Work by Marco Lorenzetti

Valeria Lombo, Fine Arts, Printmaking (MFA ‘16)

Valeria Lombo

An image from the Evolutionary Games Infographic Project

Evolutionary Games Infographic project photo, prisoner's dilemma

An image from the Evolutionary Games Infographic Project represents a prisoner’s dilemma scenario as a game between embezzlers.

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“Untitled” (Golden) (1995)

Flix Gonzlez-Torres (Photography, Alumnus)

"Untitled" (Golden), (1995), strands of beads and hanging device

A shimmering curtain of gilded beads invites the viewer's both visual and tactile engagement.  González-Torres, who was also well known for his political activism before his early death from AIDS at age 38, transformed art making and experience into an intimate collaboration of artist and viewer. Félix González-Torres represented America posthumously at the Venice Biennale in 2007.

Marian Kim (BID Industrial Design ’17)

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Marian Kim

Enemy Ace: War Idyll (1998)

George Pratt (Fine Arts, Alumnus and Faculty)

Enemy Ace: War Idyll, (1998)
(tm) & DC Comics

Pratt’s graphic novel examines the mental anguish and emotional despair that afflicts war veterans throughout their lives. Translated into nine languages, the novel was also nominated for both the Eisner Award and Harvey Award for Best Graphic Novel.

Hetali Jitendra Patel +Yash Ram

Hetali Jitendra Patel +Yash Ram

Ryan Goldberg

Nichollette Manicad, Fine Arts, Painting BFA ‘19

Nichollette Manicad

Seedbed (1972)

Vito Acconci (Architecture, Faculty)

Seedbed, (1972), super 8 film transferred to video,
Bernadette Mayer

Now considered a landmark in the development of Conceptual art, Acconci’s sexually explicit performance at the Sonnabend Gallery questioned conventional forms of art making, the relationship between the artist and the viewer, and even the notion of pleasure itself.

Maria Gabriele Baker (M.F.A. Writing ’17)

Community Writing Workshop for Senior Citizens

I (have been and still) am working with senior citizens affiliated with the Myrtle Avenue Revitalization Project’s (MARP) Age-Friendly Myrtle Avenue Program. MARP is a neighborhood organization that, among other pursuits, commits time and effort to help older residents find community, share resources, and cope with gentrification and other neighborhood changes.

A group of 5-10 women, aged late 60s to late 80s, and I have been meeting every other week since June 2016 to participate in a writing workshop. We write from prompts I prepare and suggest and, after a writing-period of 10-20 minutes/exercise, we read our responses aloud and listen to each other. Short discussions and reflections after each round of exercises have naturally become part of our meetings.

Between workshops I make time to see the women one-on-one or to chat on the phone, to offer assistance should they choose to develop pieces they have begun in the workshop. I also attend Senior Committee meetings in conjunction with MARP to talk about the writing group or to invite new members and to get a sense of the community’s larger concerns and engagements. In addition to the workshops in conjunction with MARP, I’ve also led an outreach workshop at The Willoughby NSC (Neighborhood Senior Center).

To celebrate the group’s creative achievements the women and I hosted a public reading in November 2016 and published—thanks to the Graduate Student Development Fund’s support—a book (We Live Here) that contains a selection of the workshop’s writings (thefelt.org). 

Raj Martino

Kasturi Wagh

Kasturi Wagh

Chip McCall, Fine Arts, Painting and Drawing MFA ’17

Chip McCall

GROW (2005)

Samuel Cochran (Industrial Design, Alumnus)

GROW, (2005), solar/wind panels

Cochran designed GROW, a leaf-like solar-energy delivery device, for his senior thesis. With the help of the Pratt Design Incubator for Sustainable Innovation, Cochran and his sister Teresita formed SMIT to market this and other innovations. GROW is now in the permanent collection ot The Museum of Modern Art and Forbes magazine named Cochran one of the "30 under 30" for its list of "tomorrow's brightest starts" in art and design. 

Dr. Jensen brings evolutionary and ecological science to the public through the WmD Project

Dr. Jensen brings evolutionary and ecological science to the public through the WmD Project.Dr. Jensen brings evolutionary and ecological science to the public through the WmD Project.

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Xinyi Li (MFA Communications Design ’16)

[Website]      [Behance]      [LinkedIn] 

Xinyi Li

Lingbo Zhu, Digital Arts, 2D Animation BFA ‘19

Lingbo Zhu


Pratt Shows 2016

All We Are

May 13–21
Reception: Thursday, May 12, 6–8 PM

Pratt Manhattan Gallery
144 West 14th Street, Second Floor
New York, NY 10011

Gallery Hours: Monday–Saturday, 11 AM–6 PM, Thursdays until 8 PM

Curated by Melissa Catanese and Ed Panar, All We Are presents work from the Photography B.F.A. students unified by a collective inquiry into the relationship between personal histories and current realities.

Image: Cacti Den by Lyndsey Kamide (B.F.A. Photography ’16)

Maya Filmeridis, Fine Arts, Printmaking, BFA ’18

Maya Filmeridis, Fine Arts, Printmaking, BFA ’18

Graduate Architecture

Graduate Architecture

Graduate Architecture and Urban Design

Graduate Architecture and Urban Design

Brian Napier, Fine Arts, Sculpture MFA ‘19

Brian Napier, Fine Arts, Sculpture MFA ‘19

Brian Napier, Fine Arts, Sculpture MFA ‘19Brian Napier, Fine Arts, Sculpture MFA ‘19Brian Napier, Fine Arts, Sculpture MFA ‘19

Wanlapa Koosakul

Wanlapa Koosakul

Student: Wanlapa Koosakul
Instructor: Jason Vigneri-Beane
1st year


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