Social Justice/Social Practice Collective, Black Lives Matter Pratt, and Women Writers of Color

The organization I partnered with during my Fieldwork Residency was Pratt Institute. The mission of my residency was to use my time at Pratt to engage efforts promoting social justice, hold the campus community accountable around these efforts, and make actionable changes. While at Pratt, I have supported the Social Justice/Social Practice Collective, Black Lives Matter Pratt, and the Women Writers of Color (WWOC) group. On an administrative level, I have served on Pratt’s Board of Directors as well as the Presidential Search and Student Affairs Committees. I led such programing as the Empowerment Summits, which utilized a grant from the Social Justice/Social Practice collective to support racial well-being on campus. I’ve also continued the legacy of the Breakaway Writing Workshops, which featured local women writers of color and engaged participants in generative writing workshops through the WWOC. At Pratt, the majority of events I’ve created or participated in have been attended primarily by community members, many of whom had never been on Pratt’s campus despite living in the surrounding neighborhood for years due to Pratt’s legacy of gentrification and exclusion. An oft-cited issue at Pratt is a lack of intra-department collaboration, through weekly mailings to community members and campus members, I supported communication across departments around issues of social justice. I also supported interdisciplinary efforts through my work with faculty members such as working as the Social Justice/Social Practice Graduate Assistant under Uzma Rizvi, Caitlin Cahill and Ann Holder in Social Sciences and Cultural Studies and participating as a STEAMplant Fellow working with Dan Wright in Math and Science and Ariel Goldberg in Humanities and Media Studies.