Faculty Trustees

Ellery Washington, Associate Professor, Humanities and Media Studies
Susan Young, Chair, Associate Degree Department

Board Committee Faculty Appointments

Academic Affairs

Faculty Committee Members
Stephen Hilger, Chair, Photography
Thomas La Padula, Adjunct Professor, Undergraduate Communications Design

Faculty Observers
Heather Lewis, Chair, Art and Design Education
Erika Hinrichs, Chair, Undergraduate Architecture

Buildings and Grounds

Faculty Committee Members
Mark Parsons, Director of Production and Technology, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Undergraduate Architecture
Tomi Hikida, Associate Professor, Construction/Facilities Management

Faculty Observers

T. Camille Martin, Assistant Dean, Design and Adjunct Professor, Interior Design
Radhi Majmudar, Adjunct Associate Professor, Graduate Architecture and Urban Design


Faculty Committee Members
Adrienne Jones, Professor, Fashion Design
Peter Kayafas, Visiting Associate Professor, Photography

Faculty Observers
Christopher Shrum, Associate Professor, Arts and Cultural Management
Farzam Yazdanseta, Visiting Assistant Professor, Undergraduate Architecure

Student Affairs

Faculty Committee Members
Michael Gerbino, Adjunct Professor, Undergraduate Communications Design
Patricia Medeja, Associate Professor, Fine Arts

Faculty Observers
Caitlin Cahill, Associate Professor, Social Science and Cultural Studies
Anthony Williams, Adjunct Associate Professor, Undergraduate Communications Design

Finance and Audit

Faculty Committee Members
Ellery Washington, Associate Professor, Humanities and Media Studies
Susan Young, Chair, Associate Degree Department

Institute Curriculum Committee


Tracie Morris, Chair (Full-Time Faculty, Humanities & Media Studies, School of Liberal Arts & Sciences)

Stephanie Bayard (Part-Time Faculty, Graduate Architecture & Urban Design, School of Architecture)

Rosie De Pasquale (Full-Time Faculty, School of Continuing & Professional Studies)

Heather Lewis (Chairperson, Art & Design Education, School of Art)

Ann Messner (Full-Time Faculty, Fine Arts, School of Art)

Matías Piñeiro (Full-Time Faculty, Film/Video, School of Art)

Joyce Polistena (Part-Time Faculty, History of Art & Design, School of Liberal Arts & Sciences)

Debbie Rabina (Full-Time Faculty, School of Information)

Jessica Wexler (Chairperson, Undergraduate Communications Design, School of Design)

Holly Wilson (Full-Time Faculty, Library)

Carl Zimring (Full-Time Faculty, Social Science & Cultural Studies, School of Liberal Arts & Sciences)

Dragana Zoric (Part-Time Faculty, Undergraduate Architecture)

Donna Heiland, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs (selected by and from Provost’s Council)

Peg Fox, Assistant Provost for Academic Affairs (non-voting)

TBD (non-voting)

The Academic Senate

The Academic Senate is Pratt’s faculty/administration governance body, which represents faculty, chairs, and staff who teach at the Institute. The Senate acts as an advisory body to the Board of Trustees and the administration, making direct recommendations to the President and Provost without review by any intermediary.

The responsibilities of the Senate include reviewing academic policies and procedures; reviewing curricula and academic programs and structures; reviewing course additions and changes when those additions and changes impact the requirements of existing or proposed programs; providing support and advice for department- and school-level curriculum committees on curriculum development and review; reviewing academic services; establishing committees on appropriate subjects; assisting with the formulation of the structure and procedures of search committees for deans, vice-presidents, the provost, and the president; nominating faculty and chair membership of those committees; and interviewing finalists for those positions; nominating, along with other Institute bodies, faculty and chair members of Board non-standing committees; nominating, along with other Institute bodies, faculty and chair candidates for faculty trustee positions; and electing faculty and chair members of Institute committees.

Executive Committee

Chris Alen Sula, President (Full-Time Faculty, School of Information)
Robert Brackett III, Financial Officer (Part-Time Faculty, UG Architecture)
Debbie Rabina, Information Officer (Full-Time Faculty, School of Information)
Audrey Schultz, Outreach Officer (Full-Time Faculty, Construction/Facilities Management)


Each department has representation on the Senate, in addition to at-large representatives for full-time faculty, part-time faculty, chairs category, and staff who teach. Senators and alternates are elected every three years according to procedures described in Senate Bylaws. The current roster is available at prattsenate.info/roster.