Photograph of a faculty member referring to a piece of artwork on the wall

The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Council Hiring and Retaining a Diverse Faculty and Staff Subcommittee benchmarked the diversity of Pratt’s faculty and staff and reviewed best practices at several other colleges and universities. They determined that current recruitment policies are inadequate to ensure the continuity and growth of diversity, with particular focus needed on higher-level administrative positions. The following goals were developed to support the hiring, retention, and professional development of underrepresented faculty and staff.


  • Align institutional hiring processes with diversity initiatives, and train Diversity Advocates to serve on Search Committees.

  • Align the full-time faculty search process with diversity initiatives.

  • Achieve diversity hires in schools and departments with no or few faculty members of color.

  • Leverage part-time faculty hiring processes to support diversity goals.

  • Achieve diversity hires in academic leadership at the Chair level and above.

  • Achieve diversity hires in administrative-unit leadership at the Director level and above.


  • Support new faculty integration into the Pratt community and preparedness for advancement.

  • Support new staff integration into the Pratt community and provide opportunities for advancement.

Professional Development

  • Encourage and support school- and department-level diversity and inclusion goals.

  • Support faculty development consonant with diversity and inclusion commitments through the Center for Teaching and Learning.

  • Support staff development consonant with diversity and inclusion commitments.

Results as of Academic Year 2020:

  • Targeted Diversity Advertising through Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (HERC) and LinkedIn to expand Search Pools

  • Compensation Studies for Faculty and Staff with Salary Equity Adjustments

  • Association of Independent Colleges of Art and Design (AICAD) Post Graduate Teaching Fellowships

  • Created DEI Librarian Position

  • Leveraging HERC Search Committee Recruitment Guide

  • Updated Gender Identity question and added Sexual Orientation question on Pratt Application

  • Evaluating Faculty Candidates on DEI Commitment

  • Search Advocates Pilot on Dean, Faculty and Staff Searches

  • Equitable and Inclusive Practices for Faculty and Staff Recruitment Workshop

  • Focus Groups for Faculty and Staff – People of Color, Disabilities and LGBTQ+

  • DEI Language added for Academic Senate Committee Nominations and Candidate Statements