The Diversity Advocates program recognizes the importance of diversity awareness in promoting personal development and critical social consciousness. Consequently, it's committed to collaboratively and intentionally developing programs that promote diversity awareness.


To educate the Pratt community on important terms and concepts integral to an understanding of diversity and to engage the Pratt community in ways that help them better understand themselves, others, and their positions in society.


  • Create a safe-space for all Pratt community members
  • Increase your awareness of various dimensions of diversity
  • Examine your own cultural identity and how that identity affects your relationships with others Become more aware of your own attitudes, perceptions, and feelings about various aspects of diversity and identity
  • Make commitment to increase your understanding and advocate for others 

Diversity Advocates are students, faculty, and staff members, who have volunteered to act as advocates and allies within the Pratt community. They have received training and information on various topics and can serve as a resource on matters of diversity and inclusion. All members of the Diversity Advocates have completed the Fundamental training session of the Leadership for Diversity and Inclusion (LDIT) as well as on specific topical areas of their choosing.

The LDIT is delivered in a series of several training sessions, including: Fundamentals, Race, Ethnicity & Nationality; Gender & Sexual Orientation; Socio-Economic Status; Ability & Disabilities and Religion & Spirituality. Participants will gain an increased awareness of the importance of diversity, as well as tools and strategies to better foster inclusion within the campus and community.

The program requires completion of Fundamentals and two additional Topical trainings sessions of the participant’s choice. All training sessions are offered on a rotating basis each fall and spring through the Center for Equity and Inclusion. 

For more information about the Diversity Advocates program, please email