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Art/Faith Collective

The Art/Faith Collective is the on-campus ministry at the Pratt Institute. The A/FC is intentionally open to all interested Pratt students, staff, and faculty regardless of their faith. Regular meetings are largely led by current students.

Black Lives Matter Pratt

A student group gathering to encourage participation from both the Pratt student body as well as community members interested in BLM pedagogy. 


A collective of like-minded students who are creating a platform in support of the issues involving people of color.

CSSA (Pratt Chinese Students and Scholars Association)

CSSA is an embassy recognized and funded organization which serves as the home base for Chinese students, alumni, and anyone who is interested in Chinese culture. We provide orientation for new accepted students and host social events (dinner, party, social, etc.) at major Chinese holidays. Besides providing cross school social platform to all Chinese students in NYC area, we also organize career related presentations on campus such as informations regarding Chinese working in the states, as well as career opportunities in China.

Diversity Initiatives Group (DIG)

The Diversity Intitiatives Group (DIG) is a community of Graduate Center for Planning and the Environment (GCPE) students, faculty, and staff working for more just and equitable cities through the deeper integration and understanding of diversity issues in urban planning–both in the GCPE curriculum/community and sustainable development professions. Planners in the urban development field often do not reflect the diversity of people nor complex realities in neighborhoods that they serve, presenting implications for historically marginalized communities. DIG recognizes the importance of both reversing this trend and personal deepening reflection on diversity, privilege, and power as a necessary means to dismantling systemic inequalities bounded in the urban fabric.

Gospel Christian Fellowship

Students share in songs of worship, Bible studies, and prayer. A place for students to grow in their faith or simply come and learn about the Protestant Christian faith for those who are curious and/or interested. Email

Jewish Student Union

The Jewish Student Union (JSU) caters to students from all different Jewish backgrounds; its purpose is to provide Judaic cultural and religious support to students. Anyone from a Jewish background or interested in Judaism is invited to join.

Newman Club

The Newman Club is Pratt's Catholic student association. This group welcomes all students for social events, as well as discussions of Catholicism and other religions.

PISA (Pratt International Student Association)

PISA exemplifies multiculturalism, in fostering friendships and cultural learning throughout the student body while striving to spread culture between international students, domestic students, and the community. Through this sharing of culture, we hope to make international students feel more at home, while also providing insight into what cultures exist beyond the shores of Brooklyn. Open to both international and domestic students; come help globalize Pratt with the wonders of this diverse world and community.

PKSA (Pratt Korean Student Association)

The Korean-American student community (Pratt Korean Student Association) has been developed to further enhance the communication between the newly accepted students who choose to further extend their knowledge at Pratt, the Pratt Alumni network, and those returning.


Founded on September 24, 2013, with the goal of promoting social consciousness, cultural awareness, and social justice on campus. Students aspire to acknowledge and celebrate the diverse student population at Pratt. Collectively they work to provide cultural programming and awareness and educational opportunities on all matters of diversity and inclusion. Most importantly, the council provides a safe space for all students to communicate openly their needs to continue to improve campus climate. This student lead group serves as the "voice" for the Center for Equity and Inclusion.

Queer Pratt (Gay, Bisexual, Lesbian, Transgender, Questioning, and Allies)

Queer Pratt is the official Queer + Ally student group of Pratt Institute. Queer Pratt is a safe place for people of all genders and sexualities who show a positive attitude towards the queer community. Our goals are to improve members’ experience at Pratt Institute, encourage self expression, provide opportunities to learn more about the queer history and create a stronger community at Pratt. Our weekly meetings include discussions of various queer community related topics, social events, lectures from inspirational speakers.

Remnant Christian Fellowship

The goal of Remnant Christian Fellowship (RCF) is to grow its members in deepening their faith in accordance to the Reformed Tradition and build stronger fellowship relationships with one another. This will be achieved through weekly Bible studies and fellowship times. Also, through various events such as prayer walks and retreats.

SASA (South Asian Student Association)

The South-Asian community here at Pratt is ever-growing with more and more students pursuing different creative fields ranging from Architecture, Interior Design, Industrial Design, etcetera at this large international institution. Such a situation demands the need for a common platform for students to interact and engage, and celebrate their origin and roots at a home away from home. An organization that could connect people across different creative fields, including the current students, alumni and influential people related to the different fields. SASA

Turkish Student Association

Turkish and non-Turkish students coming together to celebrate Turkish culture. Encourages participation and cultural involvement of all students at Pratt Institute.

Women Writers of Color

Women Writers of Color (WWOC) is an organization run by graduate students in Pratt's MFA in Writing. It is designed to engage with contemporary literary artists and women’s literature and it encourages group dialogue and deeper cultural understanding. This counter hegemonic organization encourages the student body of Pratt to explore the literary contributions of marginalized voices. WWOC also features a reading room that offers a growing collection of books from all literary disciplines. Each semester the WWOC Reading Room hosts a powerful calendar of readings, discussions, panels, and workshops, many of which utilize the materials in the Reading Room catalog. These events also invite the Pratt community, the local community, and authors into a communal learning space. Through necessary conversations about race, woman, gender, identity, and sexuality, this community effort aims to shift existing paradigms and encourage cultural openness.