Pratt Institute has launched a campus master planning process. The plan focuses specifically on the campus’ physical environment and facilities. Just as our recently approved strategic plan ensures the future of the Institute’s curriculum, partnerships, and student success, the campus master plan ensures that our physical resources—overall layout, buildings, spaces, and tools—serve current and future students and faculty, appropriately support programs, and equip us to address opportunities for sustainable change and growth resiliently. 


The planning process will launch in September 2019 with a multi-day visit from our consultant Sasaki Associates, Inc. We will have a draft plan completed for approval by Pratt’s board of trustees at their May 2020 meeting. A more detailed schedule will be published here in the coming weeks.


Pratt has engaged the consulting firm Sasaki Associates to lead our master planning process. Sasaki proved themselves to be collaborative and thoughtful partners when they managed an assessment of our resources is 2018. Learn more about Sasaki Associates at

Working Groups

The process will be led by a steering committee and five working groups. Each working group will focus on one of these topics:

  • academics

  • administrative

  • student experience

  • infrastructure and sustainability

  • access, mobility, and orientation

Working with Sasaki, the following steering committee members will oversee the process:

  • Chair: Frances Bronet, President 

  • Cathy Kenny, Vice President for Finance and Administration

  • Kirk Pillow, Provost

  • Joe Hemway, Vice President for Information Technology

  • Chris Sula, President, Academic Senate

  • Chris Gavlick, Executive Director of Facilities

  • Kimberlae Saul, AIA Director of Planning, Design + Construction


This collaborative process will offer multiple opportunities for members of the Pratt community to provide input and feedback. The community will be invited to participate in charrettes, focus groups, and listening sessions. When a draft of the campus plan is completed, the community will be invited to comment on the draft, just as we did with the strategic plan last spring.

Please contact us at with any questions, comments, or concerns.