Assessment x Design started with a seed grant from the Pratt Institute Innovation Fund in the spring of 2014. The initiative seeks to enrich the academic experience by strengthening the culture of assessment at Pratt Institute. The first phase supported faculty research that identifies, articulates, and expands current thinking and practice within and across disciplines. Faculty explored formative assessment practices that capture the cumulative nature of student learning in areas not easily standardized, such as student creativity, flexibility, self-regulation, and risk-taking. The first phase also supported program level assessment that aims to improve teaching and learning and simultaneously address external demands for greater accountability and transparency.

The initiative’s objectives include:

  • Build trust among faculty and alter perceptions about the purpose of assessment that focus on compliance rather than improvements in student learning and faculty teaching.
  • Capacity-building: Design supports and incentives for faculty and program chairs as they incorporate assessment into daily teaching and learning, collect reportable evidence, and use the evidence to make improvements.
  • Research: Support and sustain faculty research and scholarship on assessment.
  • Planning: Emphasize assessment throughout the strategic planning process.
  • Integration: Develop Institute-wide learning outcomes that integrate the liberal arts and sciences and creative disciplines.


The most comprehensive website for resources on Learning Outcomes Assessment is the National Institute for Learning Outcomes.