What Is The New Curricular Change Process?

  • New Curricular Change Requests should be submitted electronically.

Please review some of the introductory information before starting this process:

  • This diagram shows you the overall process.
  • An introductory presentation for Chairs and Deans is available detailing the workflow and tools.
  • The workflow, tools and individual roles in the processes are detailed in a this document, including the web links and login instructions for each tool.
  • How-to video and documents quick-start guides are available for each role in the process. (scroll down for the links)
  • The overall process is explained in this 6 minute video.

Which Tool Do I Need To Use?

  • eForm - submit a curricular change request.
  • Curricular Web App -  track requests and access document to give feedback.
  • DocuWare - A document management tool to pass requests through the workflow.for gatekeepers.

How Do I Submit a Curricular Change Request?

How Do I Review Curricular Change Requests and Give Feedback?

  • Use the Curricular WebApp curricular.pratt.edu
  • Log in with your one key.
  • You can do this at any time for any requests that you have permissions to see (as Author, Chair, Dept / School / Institute Curricular Committee Member).
  • Clicking on the blue icon on the left will allow you to view the document and apply the “Curricular feedback” stamp
  • Review this Quick guide

How To I Review And Process The Documents?

  • Use DocuWare at docuware.pratt.edu
  • You will be able to see any requests that you have permissions to see (as Author, Chair, Dept / School / Institute Curricular Committee Member)

How Do I Know When It’s Time For Me To Process A Request?

  • You will be notified by DocuWare when a “Task” has been assigned to you.
  • When you log into DocuWare you will also see a number icon in the TASKS tab if you have any tasks assigned to you.

I’m The Chair Of A Department: How Do I Review And Process A Request

I’m The Dean Of A School: How Do I Review And Process A Request

I’m The Chair Of A Curricular Committee: How Do I Review And Process A Request

I’m On A Curricular Committee: How Do I Review And Provide Feedback On A Document?

I’m An Assistant To A Chair or Dean, How Do I Access Their Tasks?

  • We are working on changes to the system to enable you to facilitate this.

I’m Need To Access The Documents From Home

  • The Curricular Change Requests eform is open to the internet for you to access from home.
  • We are in the process of opening up DocuWare to access from off-site and will announce when this has been completed.

How Can I Check The Progress Of A Request?

  • You can check the status of a curricular request at any time on Curricular WebApp.
  • Hover over the ? at the top right of the screen for a list of all statuses and see the steps names in the process.

I Would Like Further Training

  • Further training in these forms, process and tools is available. Please sign up at services@pratt.edu, specifically asking for training in the “Curricular Change Workflow Process”
  • We also offer advanced DocuWare training sessions to users

I’m Getting No Committee Found Error Messages On The Form

  • Committees are set up within Colleague and need to be in place before submitting a form for the process to function.
  • If you see this error message for a Department or Schookl that does have a curricular committee, please reach out to Peg Fox: mfox@pratt.edu

How Do I Submit My Curricular Change Form - It’s Still In Draft Status?

  • Change the Revision Status from “Working Draft” To “Ready To Submit” in the dropdown and the [Submit] button will be shown.

Where Is The Tracking Form?

  • The paper tracking form is no longer required as the system routes requests appropriately and automatically, capturing progress, feedback and approval as needed.