The Pratt Institute Faculty Development Fund (FDF) was established to provide financial support for the professional development and advancement of full-time faculty, staff who teach, chairpersons and members of the adjunct and visiting faculty.  An FDF grant may fund studio projects, travel, work on publications, research, interdisciplinary collaborations or curriculum or other projects. 

FDF grants fund projects that meet at least one of the following criteria:

  1. Production of original artistic, cultural or scholarly content that contributes to professional development
  2. Development or acquisition of professional skills (e.g., through participation in workshops or training)
  3. Interdisciplinary collaborations (e.g. in coursework or projects) within the Institute.

The FDF offers two categories of grants: individual FDF grants and collaborative FDF grants. Joint applications by faculty may be submitted in the collaborative category.

This year’s FDF awards total $100,000, of which $80,000 is allocated for individual grants. $20,000 is designated specifically for collaborative grants, to encourage collaborative and cross-disciplinary initiatives at the Institute, including studio projects, research and interdisciplinary collaborations.

Eligible individuals may apply for ONE grant in any given year.

The FDF grants will be awarded on the basis of merit, as determined by the Faculty Development Fund Committee, appointed by the Academic Senate. The maximum amount awarded for any individual grant is $5,000. The maximum amount awarded for any collaborative grant is $7,500 per team.  Application for a grant does not automatically result in an award, and the amount of an award may be less than the amount requested.

Awards will not be made for release time. All projects must be completed in addition to regular faculty responsibilities. The funds awarded must be used in support of the project that was approved. Projects must be completed, and a report submitted to the Provost’s office, by the beginning of the fall semester following the academic year the award is given, unless a written request for extension has been filed and approved.



Applicants for both individual and collaborative FDF grants must be active members of the Pratt full-time, adjunct, or visiting faculty, or Pratt Institute chairpersons, during the awards period.

To be eligible, faculty must have completed at least two full semesters of service (the two semesters need not be consecutive).

Eligible individuals on sabbatical may apply.

Recipients of an award must wait for a period of three (3) years from award year before applying again.

The President of the Academic Senate is deemed ineligible during his/her term in office plus one academic year after stepping down from this position.



Applications are available and must be submitted through SlideRoom.  Late applications will not be considered. 

The Application should be completed in a clear and concise manner.  All proposals need to be submitted through the Slideroom portal. Failure to do so will result in immediate rejection of your application.

Application for Project Grant must include:

  1. A brief narrative that is 100-120 words for use in communication vehicles (e.g., website)
  2. A description of the project in sufficient detail to enable the Awards Committee to understand and evaluate it.  The project description should not exceed 5 pages. Supplemental materials may be included and should be submitted in one PDF document not to exceed 10 pages. Please be aware that the committee members are from a variety of schools and disciplines. The applications should not include jargon nor abbreviations of organizations and products.
  3. A clear statement of intention and significance to the applicants’ professional development and/or educational value of the project.
  4. An itemized budget, which may not include funding for computer hardware/software, technology equipment, cameras, etc. that are currently accessible at Pratt. It is the responsibility of the applicant to properly research facilities at the Institute, and their availability.
  5. A proposed project timetable;
  6. Applicants’ resume highlights (not to exceed two pages);


Work published or exhibited by the grant recipient should be acknowledged as being supported by the “Faculty Development Fund of Pratt Institute.”