After a successful pilot in spring and summer of 2018—we shifted to online administration of course evaluations across the Institute. In moving evaluations online, our ongoing goals are to ensure:

  • That course evaluations are taken with the same seriousness that they always have been, and that the numbers of students completing evaluations would remain at least as robust as they have been;
  • That students have easy access to evaluations on their computers, tablets and phones;
  • That the data collected through online evaluations are secure, and that the feedback available to faculty would be as or more useful to them than it always has been.

Research led us to a well-established online platform called EvaluationKit, and the pilot program that ran in 2018—in the School of Information, the Department of Graduate Architecture and Urban Design, and the School of Continuing and Professional Studies—achieved all of the goals identified above. It was the culmination of a year in which the Provost consulted closely with the Pratt Faculty Union, the Academic Senate, the school Deans, department Chairs, and others.

Each academic department on campus has a point person who works with Provost’s office staff to ensure that the process of administering evaluations runs smoothly.

In closing, we’ll add two important points:

  • Course evaluations themselves have not changed.  Students will be responding to the same set of questions they always have.
  • We hope that all of you will continue to set aside time in class to allow your students to complete their course evaluations.  Doing so signals the importance we attach to this process.

For All Users: Students, faculty and departmental administrators should automatically see a link to EvaluationKit in Pratt’s LMS.  If that link does not appear automatically, please follow these instructions to add the link manually.

For Students: If you are a student, this document walks you through the process of accessing and completing an online course evaluation.

For Faculty: If you are faculty, this document walks you through managing the course evaluation from a faculty perspective. It provides details regarding how to assist students, and the process used to download course evaluation results after the semester is over and grades have been issued.

For questions at any time, please email