Pratt Provost Kirk E. Pillow

It is an honor to serve as the Provost of Pratt Institute, where faculty and staff work together to prepare nearly 4,700 undergraduate and graduate students for rewarding and successful careers in art, design, architecture, liberal arts and sciences, and information and library science. Our mission is to provide a unique educational experience that blends theory with creative application to enable our alumni to be leaders in their chosen professions.

Pratt is home to a diverse community of faculty and students, many of whom have contributed for nearly 130 years to building our cities, designing our buildings, and populating the most prestigious collections and publications with their creative work. Pratt’s current 1,100 esteemed faculty members are among the best in their fields and are a primary reason why students come from 45 states and 80 countries to study here.

Located in the cultural hub of New York City with historic campuses in Brooklyn and Manhattan, Pratt is a living laboratory of craft and creativity. Walking around the picturesque Brooklyn campus, I see students and professors connecting and sharing ideas within and outside the studios and classrooms. Having access to this urban oasis makes Pratt an inspirational place for students, one that engenders bold thinking and making through engagement with a world-class faculty.

As globalization and technological innovation proceed at unprecedented rates, curricular boundaries and pedagogical methods are being stretched and re-formed. Pratt is committed to leading for the future by providing our students cutting-edge preparation. Collectively, we are expanding our educational efforts in the classroom and beyond the gates to help students navigate this dynamic landscape.

The academic leadership at Pratt, in partnership with our extraordinary faculty, provides our gifted students discipline-specific and cross-disciplinary opportunities to think critically, extend the creative process across a range of media, find their own authentic point of view, and transform their passion into meaningful expression. Through these efforts we ensure the excellence of a Pratt education.

Kirk E. Pillow