Institutional Research

The Office of Institutional Research (IR) at Pratt Institute is part of the Provost's Office. IRs mission is to support data driven decision making in evaluation and planning efforts of the Institute's senior administration by initiating and conducting studies on Pratt's policies, academic programs, and environment.

Specifically, the Institutional Research office:

  • Gathers information from internal and external sources (e.g., students, faculty, staff, alumni, other institutions, and external agencies) for assessment and strategic planning
  • Provides information and projections needed for planning
  • Coordinates Pratt's response to reports required by the federal government, including the IPEDS report, NYSED, NASAD, retention and graduation rate studies, etc.
  • Provides information required for certain institutional affiliations, such as accreditation reports, AICAD, and any special research projects in which Pratt Institute chooses to participate
  • Responds to external information requests and surveys that are determined to be of value to Pratt Institute
  • Provides oversight to Pratt's official policy portal

IRB reviews will be completed no less than four weeks from submission. Please plan accordingly.

Institutional Review Board FAQ
Human Subjects Research Review Form
Exemption from IRB Review Form
Human Subjects Research Policy
HHS Regulations