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Various Resources for Pratt Integrative Courses

Integrative Learning

Mapping the Terrain

Integrative Learning and Interdisciplinary Studies

Principles and Practices of Integrative Liberal Learning

Taking Stock of Capstones and Integrative Learning

Interrogating Integrative Learning

Teaching and Learning

A Handbook for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

Learning to Learn

The Leap Challenge

Capstones Across Disciplines Resources

Capstones Across Disciplines

Catalyzing Assignment Design Activity

Catalyzing Collaborative Work on Assignment Design

Developing Effective Signature Assignments

Signature Assignment Quick Reference Guide

Integrating Signature Assignments into the Curriculum and Inspiring Design

A Self-Directed Guide to Designing Courses for Significant Learning

Measuring the Promise: A Valid and Reliable Syllabus Rubric

Other Higher Ed

Interdisciplinary Studio

Worcester Polytechnic Institute - Interactive Qualifying Project